When to Do Ramp Test

Hi All

I am due to finish SS II on Sunday 22nd (as in the tough stuff). I would then have the accumulation week of lower volume/intensity training between 24th-29th meaning I would be doing another ramp test around 31st.

However, on 23rd I am off for a week to see my family abroad for Christmas. I won’t have access to an indoor or outdoor bike so it will be a complete ‘rest week’ with probably not the healthiest food.

I didn’t do a ramp test between SS I and SS II, (well I did the morning after having an asthma issue so only managed half the ramp test and my FTP theoretically plummeted. Not the brightest idea and I just kept my FTP as the same). Therefore I don’t know how my FTP has changed since the start of SS I.

So my question is when do I do the ramp test? Do I:

  1. Curtail the training this week and do it just before I go away but then I miss the biggest volume week of this block?
  2. do it when I get back but then I haven’t touched a bike for a week and worry my legs may be a bit sluggish?
  3. Add the accumulation week when I get back on 30th and then do the ramp test but then I haven’t done any intensity work for a fortnight and worry that may affect my ability to hit the higher numbers required to get a better FTP?

I have no idea what the best protocol would be so any seasoned cyclists who can offer advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

I would do the test after you get back and then start your next, new block of training in the plan. For the taper week, I guess I would base it on how I am feeling. Maybe add in some more zone 2 to augment the taper if feeling pretty good. If feeling a need for recovery, just do the taper week as planned and go enjoy yourself on your trip.