Should I redo the ramp test?

I am totally new to Trainer Road (structured training really), but not new to cycling. I was in pretty good shape at the end of last season and then had to take about 3 months off (Dec thru Feb). March rolls around and I got back on the bike for a few weeks and then COVID-19 shuts down the world, so I figure it’s a great time to build some fitness on the trainer. Hello TR. I did my ramp test which was predictably depressing and then setup a base plan.

I’m doing SS High Volume. I’m only about a week and half in, but it’s already remarkably easier to finish the workouts. My HR is down 15 to 20 bpm over the first week and my RPE is perceptively lower. My question is, should I retest or are these sorts of results normal and my body is just getting used to being on the bike again? Or should I just stick to the plan? I’d hate to spend the next 4 weeks not getting the true benefit of SS.


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When people ask some variation to, “Should I redo the ramp test”, the answer is almost always yes. Because the test is pretty easy from a TSS standpoint (especially for someone doing High Volume) and because Sweet Spot can easily become Threshold or Endurance if your FTP is off then yeah, I’d say bump back your plan start date a bit, get a day of rest in and test again. It’s entirely possible that you just had a bad day on the bike during that first test. You can also just dial up the intensity a bit within the workouts but especially early on, it’s nice to have a more accurate yard stick to compare your future gains (or lack thereof) against.

If you rode a ton lately and had a pretty good grasp of where your FTP probably is then maybe you could fudge it but even then, I’d keep an eye on it and be quick to retest.