Cutting Workouts Short consistently

Hi all

I want to start a new run of either of the cross country training plans ( , but each of the sessions during the week are longer than I have the free time available (I only have 60 mins max in the week).

Should I instead do the high volume session and cap each of the training rides every day at 60 mins and then ride as long as need be on the weekends, or stick with the mid plan and cap it at 60.

As much as i want to do the high/med volume plan I would rather not do the low even though it would fit more into the 60 mins slot, but I have found found its left me wanting more training (I ended up adding runs to do something on the off days).

Any advice/opinions would be appreciated

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I would just shorten your mid week workouts and keep the weekends the same if you have the time. If the workouts are 75 mins but you only have 60 mins, see if you’re able to cut the warmup and cool down a bit to fit 60 mins. This may be difficult, but if you can handle it that’s an option.

Additionally I would look at each workout variation and see if they have a 60 min version. That may be the best way to go and you’ll still be getting the intended workout stimulus.

Thanks , yeah thats what I plan on doing, is there a way to start the workout early and skip the warmup ?

Most workouts have shorter varients that will give you much of the same effect. Hit the ‘varients’ button on the screen.

If you need to skip (some of) the warmup just load up the workout, make sure it’s paused, and you can drag the yellow line to where you want. You could also cut the cooldown short if you really need to.


Yes, while the workout is paused, simply scroll ahead to where you want to start.

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