Help with training plan

This will be my second year of using TrainerRoad. My work schedule has changed somewhat and I am finding it difficult getting the 2 sessions done in the week. I normally do them before breakfast at 5am and this is just leaving me tired.
I am building base - 3 sessions. Can I do one in the week and then 1 each day at the weekend? Just wondering if I would need more recovery. Anyone else tried this. Thanks so much!

Im guessing you are doing low volume? Assuming you get sufficient rest between both weekend rides I would see no issue with moving one of the midweek rides to the weekend.

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Yes, I did the mid column last season. But due to being a bit time crunched have dropped it to low.
Perhaps I shall see how the body responds. Maybe do the Saturday in the morning and the Sunday session in the mid afternoon…that way I have more recovery time. Thanks


If you could handle mid volume SSB last year you should have no trouble at all dealing with low volume SSB Saturday and Sunday.


I’m currently doing SSB LV as I’m training for a 10km run and doing one intense session in the week and one long ride at the weekend. I found my threshold still trending up, just not as quickly as it was under the mid vol plan.

Hope that helps!

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