Consistently Beating Target Power

I’m curious how you guys handle consistently beating target power during a training block. I’m on my second week of SSB2MV, and my power is consistently above target. Most sweet spot intervals with a target of 235 will end up with me holding around 245-250. And I’m not dying or crushed at the end of these workouts. It’s not just sweet spot intervals, as my V02 intervals are also well above target.

Do you guys just finish out the training block at your current FTP, or do you tick it up a few percentage points? I’m aware SSB2 gets more challenging as you go on, so I want to account for that too. Spencer +2, Wright Peak -1 and Lamarck I think would be pretty damn challenging if I tried them today, despite crushing the current workouts…

If it’s consistent over a few workouts I tick the FTP up a bit. You can always move it back down if you struggle. I don’t actually test that often these days as I find that how workouts feel over a period of time is as good or better an indicator of whether my FTP is set “right” as doing a test which can be a bit susceptible to how I’m feeling that day.

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