Modified SSB2MV

Looking for constructive feedback on my modified Sweet Spot Base (SSB) II Mid Volume plan.

I’m not training for any particular event, but tend to prefer longer events like Fondos and centuries. My FTP is just below 300w and I’m looking to grow it so I can cross the 4 w/kg line. I completed Short Power Build (SPB) High Volume a couple of weeks ago and modified SSB2MV to transition to Sustained Power Build (SusPB) High Volume and to have one less day of intensity relative to SPB. I can usually get a 1 - 1.5 hour workout in during the work week, and up to 2 hours on the weekends.

Week 1 is in the books and I feel pretty good about the modified plan, but am always appreciative of feedback. Podcast 284’s discussion on how TR made the sweet spot plans did make me question the approach a little, though.


  • 4 week plan instead of 6 (graphic does not show the rest week) (I responded well to SusPB the last time I did it and am anxious to get started again, but still wanted a base block in between SPB and SusPB)
  • VO2 progression - Taylor -1 (30/30), Bluebell +1 (60/60), Mills +2 (2.5/3)
  • Threshold progression - Donner +1 (4 x 12/6), Darwin (4 x 10/3), Lamarck (4 x 10/2)
  • Replaced weekend rides with 2-hour sweet spot from SSB2HV plan - Tallac +3, Antelope +5, Eclipse +3, Hunter, Galena +3, Wright Peak -2

I have modified the workouts to increase the warmups to a 15-minute ramp from 55-75%, cooldowns to a 5-minute ramp down to 45%, and increased the intensity most recovery intervals to 65% or 70%. All of the work interval intensities and durations, and recovery durations are exactly the same as the base TrainerRoad workouts. These are all things I’ve been doing for 2+ years.

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I think my first question / point is kind of obvious: if you’re coming off ShPB HV, and going into SusPB HV, why not just do SSB2 HV?

As well as the logic, my feeling is that you’re piling on a lot of intensity into your training. A build plan, then SSB2, then another build plan, that’s fairly hardcore. SSB2 is generally meant to follow on from SSB1 (which has little intensity), not come hot on the heels of 8 build weeks.

Good comments. I went with SSB2MV because 1) of the time during the week and 2) wanted to keep one VO2 and one threshold workout each week. Thanks!!