Can I add training days to my plan?

Hi, new to TrainerRoad. I just made a simple plan to be ready for next summer ! :slight_smile: Now, I have a choice of either 3 days a week or 5, I didnt find a way to do 4 !! :slight_smile:

So the plan makes me ride tuesday, thursday et saturday. What if I would like to ride a 4th days, do I just hop on and choose a random activities or it will screw the plan ? (I am trying TrainerRoad because I have a tendancy to overtraing and I would like to try a real plan (not getting on zwift and choose a random training everytimes) but I would like to ride more than just 3 days a week.


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I did a LV sweet spot base 1 and 2 and LV short power build and then LVSS base again and added two extra workouts that I picked myself every week and managed to improve my watts per kilo from like 2.3 to 2.9. I also stacked the days and only did my structured training Monday through Friday. It seemed to work fine and let me try out lots of interesting and fun workouts. This time through build, I will try a mid volume sustained build plan and see what that does. I think it is fun to experiment. There are so many different workouts in the catalog.


Oh! I am trying a plan that goes up until may, just before the start of outdoor riding!! Am I goi g too long? Should I do 2 or 3 shorter plan during the winter?

I am generally in some type of plan year round. I will take a few weeks off but if I go off a plane and “just ride” I lose fitness.

On the days, remember you can move days around. TR doesn’t “make” you do specific days. You can choose the days that work for you.

Based on what you described I would recommend low volume and then add zone 2/endurance rides if you want on that 4th day.

If you use plan builder, it will lay out a sound progression for you. And you can tweak as necessary.


Yeah, Low Volume is three days/week while Mid Volume is five/week.

Set up a Low Volume plan using the days you’d like leaving some space for your extra day. So let’s say you choose Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. In Calendar click on the first Sunday of your plan and you’ll be offered the option of adding “another activity” - choose this and set it up how you want including the repeat option of “weekly”. I do this for weekend rides - it just lets me be flexible with things.

You could also add a workout of your choice each week and not have it repeat. It’s all quite flexible really


Thank you all guys, I really appreciate it!! :grin:

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For the extra day / days, many people recommending adding endurance / z2 rides as LV workouts pack a lot of intensity. I’d look through the workouts that are endurance zone for the duration you want and try a couple out. Some have longer 12-15min segments before changing power, some have shorter 2-3min segments before changing power. One of those categories might work better for you, or at least you’ll have different workouts that accomplish roughly the same thing that you can choose from based on your mood. Some of my go-to’s are:

  • Z1 / Recovery - Lazy Mountain and variants, Pettit -1
  • Z2 / Endurance w/ Long Intervals: Pettit, Bald Knob, there are tons of these up to 4-5hrs in length
  • Z2 / Endurance w/ Short Intervals: Baxter, Black, Colosseum

I have been bad about getting adequate recovery and one of the things I’ve enjoyed about TR is doing active recovery rides in erg mode as it forces me to behave. I also stay on a plan year-round but have all my fun rides scheduled into my calendar, including special days / trips, weekend endurance rides, group rides, etc.

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Seriously, I was told that this forum (traîner Road’s) was nice and a good part of the Traîner Road expefience… It is true! :grin: