Need help picking plan

Hi everyone, I’m new to TrainerRoad and need some help picking a plan. Some quick info about me, I am primarily a mountain biker, I ride everything from XC trails to downhill on a trail bike. I just got into gravel riding this fall. I do not race but may enter an enduro race next year if I have some time but I mainly ride for fun. My goal with trainerroad is to build endurance and get faster on both bikes. I am typically in the gym 3 days a week doing either strength training or stability work. My question is, should I go with the low or mid volume base phase. I honestly feel 3 days on the low volume might not be enough and 5 days is probably pushing it with gym sessions. Through the summer I road the mountain bike at minimum 4 days a week and those were typically 2-3 hours rides and hit the gym. I may try 5 days and then back off to 3 if it is to much and try to be mindful of what sessions are on what days. Is anyone else following trainerroad and spending 3 days a week in the gym?

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Do a search and you will find countless repeats of this question.

Do low volume and sprinkle in extra rides if you feel the need.

Nailing low volume will be loads more productive than scaling back mid or high


yup to all the above. Also checkout the plan builder,

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Thanks! I’m going to nail the low volume and then add in a low intensity endurance ride if I feel I can handle more.

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Is something like Andrews a good choice for an early morning fasted fat burning ride?