Feature request: summer plan

I suspect that this along with time limits will be part of plan builder v2.

In the summer inside riding just isn’t as much fun as the less productive outside world.

I still like having a plan so I can see what’s happening and what’s upcoming but I end up skipping a few workouts to go and work on my action tan. It would be good if there was a structured 2 days a week just to keep ticking over.

I know I could remove a day from my LV plan but which one? Endurance? VO2?

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I am tempted to merge this under the existing one from early last month. Seems very closely related to me. Thoughts?

I have used LV Sprint plans for this.

Sort of!

I kinda envisioned a 4 week plan you could just schedule in as many times as you need when it’s nice. Something like the pre plan builder where there’s no goal date to build and taper to but something you can set 4/8/12/etc weeks.

:thinking: I, and most of my cycling friends, must live in an alternate universe :rofl:

IMHO your question really requires looking at what your unstructured rides look like. Last summer one guy I ride with, probably a 350-400W ftp, was doing 2 hard group rides and 20 hour weeks by doing the remaining hours at ~120W on Zwift. Mostly Zwifting for 2-4 hours starting at 10-11pm :scream: Dude is like Tim the Tractor, and he too gets faster over the summer :man_shrugging:

How about the polarized plans? The VO2/threshold workouts aren’t overly complicated so they lend themselves easily to outdoor riding.


How about the maintenance plans (specialty —>enthusiast)? They’re 3 days a week but you could skip one of the VO2 workouts and pull the anaerobic weekend ride to midweek.