New TR user looking for some advice

Hi there,

I just started using Trainerroad today. Coming from a year of ‘random whatever I feel like’ interval training on Zwift and a couple virtual races, I decided it’s time for some structure. So I started SSB MV1 and kicked it off with a ramp test today.

My plan is to go SSBMV1 --> SSBMV2 --> Sustained Power build

I have 2 questions:

  1. I’m usually doing a group ride on sundays with a couple friends. Depending on who’s joining it can be a real 2-3h sufferfest, or relatively easy ride. Which ride in the plan should I replace with the group ride. Thought about the sunday workout, but that seems to be important with realitive long and hard SST intervals. As does the Over/Under workout.
  2. Should I also incorporate strength training for the legs and if so, on which days? Seeing as I’m new to the planned structure of training I’m afraid the strength training for the legs might gimp my ability to perform the harder workouts.

Some personal info:
Age 38
FTP (tested today) of 239W @ 75KG
PM: Favero Assioma Duo with Elite Direto
Taining experience: 1 year of Zwift. Virtually no aerobic training to speak of before that.
Goals: Join a couple short distance TTs (up to 10km). Perform a 100km TT in under 3 hours. Get fitter.

Hope you guys can give me some insight on these 2 topics. Thanks!

If you can make those goals more date-specific, i.e. identify a particular 100km TT you want to enter, you can use the new Plan Builder function to structure your training.

Do you know in advance whether Sunday is going to be a sufferfest? If you know it’s going to be hard, just do an easy ride on the trainer on Saturday. If it’s going to be easy, maybe do a shorter duration version of Saturday’s workout and then get the volume at a lower intensity on Sunday.
There is always a trade-off between training effectively but on your own, and having a social ride but not getting any structured intervals, just random hard efforts. Ultimately you have to make the decision on how you balance the two.

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Welcome to TR!

Opinions may vary, but I would drop the Sunday ride, as you can still put in comparable Sweet Spot efforts on your outdoor ride, and you’re much more likely to benefit from the Saturday O/U done on a trainer.

Probably skip leg day. MV is a lot of work and you’ll really need to make sure you’re using rest days to rest. Even recovery days should be kept easy, and any weight work puts you at risk of never having any real recovery.

Do you have a power meter on the bike?

Thanks for the insight guys!

Yes, I’m using a power meter on the bike.

I only know if it’s gonna be a sufferfest on saturday evening, because that’s usually when everyone has responded if they are on for the ride.

As for the goals, they are all for this year, attempting them when I feel ready. Probably not before finishing the first cycle of SSB1 - 2 and SPB though.

I should also clarify I’ve changed the structure of the plan a bit. Really didn’t feel like doing the over/under workout on saturday because that would limit my power on sunday. I’m not the youngest rider anymore, so my recovery may be somewhat limited. Ultimately the sunday is about enjoying myself on the bike so I don’t want to feel hampered by the saturday workout.

So my structure is:
Tuesday: 2 rides (the Tuesday and easy Wednesday one)
Wednesday: the Thursday ride
Friday: the Saturday ride
That leaves me with a day of, or maybe easy riding before the Sunday group ride

Will have to figur out how to do this come SSB MV2 because that has more hard rides.

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Personally I would move your plan to LV and then add in workouts as you see fit or add in outside rides as a compliment to LV. You can keep Mv and delete as well but I think it is easier to do the LV adds. The plus side with the calendar you can move things are very easily.

Welcome and you have joined a great community.


If this is the case I’d think about adding your strength training either on Wednesday or Friday (after the sessions), so you have at least a whole day (Thursday or Saturday) to recover from it.

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I’d also suggest identifying a date or event to build toward, then applying Plan Builder. You can also then specify the days you want your workouts to fall (Tues-Weds-Fri in your case). Low volume might be a good idea, adding additional workouts if you have time and motivation.

Personally I’d suggest definitely NOT skipping your Sunday ride in favor of TR workouts. That way lies Zwift/madness! So many skill and tactical aspects of riding that trainer rides just can’t simulate. If your goal is to be faster outdoors keep riding outdoors regularly.

For strength training, Chad has written a lot about this. Here’s a good start. His suggestion is strength the same day as endurance, but separated as much as possible e.g. ride in the morning, strength in the evening, then a full recovery day. I don’t do much real strength but do throw in sets of deads and squats in the evenings 2x/week.

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Thanks for all the extensive replies! Very good first impression of the TR community.

I’ll see if I can fit in the strength portion on Sunday and Wednesday evening. If I feel it limits my ability to perform the next workout I’ll cut it down and pick it up later when my body gets more used to the structured training and volume.

As for switching to LV, I think I’ll stick with MV for now. Seeing as it’s still winter out here the weather is often terrible for riding outside. So I figure I’ll be doing the sunday workout more often that not. When better weather arrives I’ll re-evaluate depending on how my body has responded to the training thus far. Because I have a PM on the bike I could of course throw in a couple prescribed intervals after the group ride in case it turned out to be an easy one. Or maybe spent more time on the front :sweat_smile:

I’ll be carefully listening to my body the coming weeks.

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