Better Fast Forward (FFW) & Rewind (RWD) Controls in Workouts [Scrub, Skip Feature Request]

HI Guys,

Big fan here. I have noticed on numerous of workouts, the rest periods are a little long for me (when i am feeling good!), it would be great if we could ‘skip’ forward quickly. The current method (on a PC at least) requires me to:

  1. come out of ‘letter box’ mode
  2. pause the ride
  3. position the mouse with pixel-accuracy
  4. drag the progress bar a little to the right (but not too much!)
  5. go back into letter box mode
  6. continue the ride

This is a lot of steps when also positioned on the bike.

I think a simple FFWD +1min would quickly and easily make this a lot better



+1 here. Would be nice to have a FFW button. Just tap it for like 20-30 seconds. I like to work out early in the morning and would like to skip some rest time with least amount of screen tapping.

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Yes please! Big +1 from me as well

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great idea - this is a real pain. Its great we can extend w/up and cool downs so would be great to be able to easily alter recoveries.

Love it, great idea.

or ability to just tab to next set like in zwift

I had something similar as a feature request at least a year ago: (1) have the “Extend Warmup/Cooldown” button added to every interval as an “Extens Interval” button (that would include rest intervals, and (2) swiping to the next interval like Zwift. I think these would add a ton.

Yeah TR has a lot of ground to catch up on in the workout controls. I’m no longer using TR plans, and the fact I can control workouts on Zwift from my mobile (like forwards and back a step), and also that TR workout files are messed up if you pause (it doesn’t record the paused time so this throws off your Power Duration Curve / Power PRs) means I’ve been using Zwift exclusively for indoor workouts. Which is a shame, because the New PowerMatch is awesome and way ahead of Zwift’s functionality. Oh and I can easily create Zwift workouts using, or even just editing the files by hand as they’re simple XML - much much neater than TR WorkoutCreator.

So yeah, a “fast forward button” and/or a “skip to next interval button” would go some way towards closing that gap.

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+1 for this feature request. It would be very helpful in my opinion.

A skip interval button would be nice on many fronts.

I agree - great idea. And possibly for us much older guys it would be nice to be able to add an additional minute to the rest part of the intervals.

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+1 here too, please add several on the fly options during workouts

Also annoys me that the freeride doesn’t have the +1,+5,+10 options. Things can change during your ride and it would be nice to extend on the fly. Biggest issue with this is that I lose the resistance mode.


Thanks, all! Read you loud and clear, glad so many of our athletes are agreeing/contributing as well, it helps the team know what to prioritize/move up on the roadmap in terms of feature requests! :crossed_fingers:


Appreciate that ! Thanks all!

Agreed on this as well. It would actually be really nice if you could just open a Free Ride without the time limitation at all and have it just continue until you’re ready to stop.



Great idea. Why not also have the opposite as well so if you want to add some extra time to a rest for whatever reason you can do that too by jumping back 30 seconds or a minute?

Or if you want to push yourself a way to add an extra 30-60 seconds to an interval.

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I am going to go the other way and vote against this. It would be too temping a button in the dark place at the end of the hard stuff. If you want to diverge from the workout, just switch to resistance mode and do your thing.


@mattonabike: and I’m gonna disagree with your disagreement :wink:. Plenty of options for “quitting” already:

  1. Use the current scrubbing feature (and wonder why it doesn’t at the very least snap to the end/start of intervals when you get the cursor close enough, and then afterwards wonder why your power file is still the original workout length rather than the time you completed…)
  2. Don’t start the workout
  3. Just stop pedalling (with autopause off)
  4. Hop off the bike
  5. Reduce the intensity to the point it’s not targeting the intended energy systems
  6. Switch to resistance mode

And just like in a race, the only thing keeping you going is willpower. Not sure how making the workout player less sucky (hate to say it, but after using Zwift for custom workouts I just can’t go back) is suddenly going to change things there. Not like it’s going to turn the pedals for you!


Trying not to overload this features request but something that would also appeal to myself in the minimal workout screen would be a button or two to introduce a 5 minute ramp warm up/down. Whether this is used part way through a workout because something has made me cut it short or I’ve extended a workout with some zone 2 stuff… or I’ve had to have a break and have come back cold.
Just another couple of red buttons :wink: along with the other twenty mentioned above!

:thinking: Maybe its time to link an App to the workout, similar to the Zwift companion app…
The TrainerRoad Companion App, we can have as many buttons as we want :smiley:

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