Indie Velo Workout Integration

Is anyone here using indie Velo? Any suggestions for integrating TR workouts in game? Any workout integration on the horizon for Zwift or MW?

For Zwift, once they open up their API. Not sure when Zwift is releasing that and how far behind TR will be.

If TR are waiting for Zwift to open their API, they could just provide the exact same via the already-existing indieVelo API?

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It would be nice. But I’m sure their priority would be making sure the integration with Zwift works before moving on to indieVelo

maybe, but it’s childs play to send the workout file to iV. The integration with to pull the daily workout took less than a day.

Zwift having the market share that makes total sense to me. I would say though, indie is likely going to be far more flexible and willing to integrate TR, working with them to make an ideal experience for those TR users

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I agree but my assumption is that TR is actively working/testing the integration to Zwift and don’t want to interrupt that.

For sure, that’s reasonable! I’m only thinking of the broader picture; the more indoor cyclists that can interact/integrate TR the better it is for TR. I think the indoor market is steadily growing with more choices out there than just the one or two that have been popular for the last 5 years.

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Agree. I do hope they integrate.

I actually just did my first ride and workout on indieVelo tonight. It crashed during the last 2 minutes. lol but it’s beta. It did upload the workout when I reopened the app. I did like how my avatar moved around smoothly when passing other riders.

that’s interesting that it crashed, I’ve not had a single issue with it for a really long time now. If you can send the log file over to George that would really help. The more stable things are the better it is for everyone!

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The most recent update has separated out the trainer power so now anyone can use TR to control workouts while in game. This should open up the program to any TR users that want to ride in game but don’t have a secondary power source.


Yep. I sent the logs to George and he responded quickly and mentioned crashes like that are unusual. I definitely wasn’t worried about it since it’s in beta. I’m a workout tonight on it so I will see if it occurs again.

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