Feature Request: Add time to interval, skip block

A couple feature requests for the workout player that I’ve admittedly stolen from other platforms. The first is “add time to interval.” Basically, have a little button to add 10s to the current interval. Really useful to adding more warmup, extending rest, or extending a work interval. I know TR has extend warmup, but it only applies to the first block (usually 50% FTP). Sometimes I want to extend the next block up to get warmed up. Also really helps when I’m on the last block of day a sweetspot interval and I want to add a minute.

The second one is “skip block”’or “skip interval.” Simply, it skips to the end of that interval. This may just sound like an easy way to quit, but it’s really useful in the recovery blocks too. If I’m doing a workout and feel ready for the next work period, I’ll use it to cut the recovery short and get back working. Or if I’m doing a Z2 with sprints and I feel ready to hit the next sprint. The current way in TR is to stop pedaling and scroll forward, hoping to get the right spot. Which just feels clunky. To me at least.


Like this… This would work like a lap button. You press it and will go to whatever is next.
I always like the idea of an open intervals…where you say i want to do 5x @ 120% power, but you want to push as much as possible and do a full rest before doing it again… this would accomplished that…

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There is an existing request related to extending intervals, specifically with recovery but can apply to any interval IMO:

Here are two related to extending and skipping:

We generally merge repeat posts like this into existing discussion, but having more than one idea in a topic like this makes that process difficult. For future reference, TrainerRoad prefers that Feature Request topics cover a single suggestion.

This request is exactly what I’m after. Sometimes I want to skip recovery intervals and sometimes I want to extend a work interval ( especially useful when Zwifting and you want to extent interval while in a climb instead of moving to recovery interval which extends time ) additionally sometimes you just want to extend interval as you have not emptied tank for day and would like to increase the ride IF.


Definitely good idea to extend interval