Confession of a zwift hater

I have to admit, i didn’t like zwift.

For almost 2 years I have rejected the idea of using it. Mostly because is what everyone is using, but also because I like the idea of a very structure wo.

I’ve done 2 long rides indoor the last 2 weeks, and I have not love the tr experience for that. So today I signed to zwift to test for long rides.

Oh boy, i was blown away. The 3hours went out quick. i was not watching the screen because I like to watch tv, but the changes of resistance made it feels much better than erg. I now really want to get a bike that I could shift properly so I could do more climbing.

I think I will keep both , one for wo, the other for long rides!

I would love tr would give me something similar to the zwift experience for longer rides.


Next TR workout try doing it non-Erg. I’ve found standard/level mode to feel much better than Erg on my Kickr direct-drive (wheel off).

Also if you want to save monthly subscription fee, you might want to try RGT.


I can’t get on with Zwift it needs too many button presses and gimmicks for me. In the middle of a wo that’d be awkward enough but my finger nerves have been destroyed by chemo. Its also too cartoony and unrealistic (tron like). I do know what you mean though about having a developing screen and more random changes in resistance to make time go faster on longer rides. I run RGT and TR in parallel and depending how I feel I let RGT control the Turbo or TR :+1:


Fine to not like Zwift, but it requires zero button presses during the ride. Pick a course, load a workout, turn on erg, ride.


Zwift and sim mode on the Kickr is nice!


It did when I used, press to left, right etc or you are stuck on the same route and then you needed to press to activate powerup :-/

You don’t need to use powerups especially for an ERG ride, and that same loop can be something short like the volcano route, or you can set it to do a 40mi loop for a longer ride and not touch any turns


I maybe gave up too early, I found it very frustrating :+1:


If you ride a TT bike in Zwift there are no power ups - they’re all +10 XP, so no button pressing to activate them. Some of their routes are quite long so you really don’t have to press anything to see new scenery.


That’s what I did this morning, but I had to use the button after the first loop because otherwise, it would have sent me to do some major climbing

I didn’t knew about this.

Does it work similar to zwift in regard to resistance changes?

Not the same but change your cadence and you need to put down more/less pressure on the pedals. Or shift.

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Is there an option I don’t see. I’m not doing indoor training this winter, doing strength only, but come late March or April, I might want to do some rides before I get a chance to get outdoors. A cheap/free option would be nice for just a couple of months

Free includes a limited selection of roads:


What’s the Zwift experience if you’re not watching the screen? There’s a whole family of long TR workouts that change the resistance every couple minutes if that’s what you’re after (e.g. Balcony, Perkins, Goodale, even Baxter has a longer variant).

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I see my mistake, RGT != Rouvy which is what I was looking at. :man_facepalming:

Thanks for the link

I feel the same about Zwift. I bought a CABLE by NPE and use it with FulGaz. It makes the longer Trainerroad workouts much more fun.

Pedaling (not erg) and adapting to the changing resistance of the course is the HUGE difference. H

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What!? Bring on more dinosaurs!


How is it different? Is it just the shifting?