Feature Request - Record "rewound" portions of workouts

Hi all,

A feature request I’d love to see - it would be great if workouts were recorded in their entirety, including portions that were rewound.

Context - I currently have about 90 minutes each weekday morning to get a workout in. Most of the workouts on my current plan are 60 minutes. At the moment I grab 90 minute plus versions of the workout where possible, or create custom versions of the prescribed workout when they’re not. Instead of doing all that, it’d would be awesome to rewind back an interval or two and have the entire session record (rather than the current behavior of overwriting what was previously done).

Thanks TR team. Keep up the great work.


Hey RyanN,

Thanks for being active on the forum!

You also bring up a very good idea. Sometimes a rider may have a little extra time, but not want a more intense workout, and not want to just extend the cool-down or warm-up. Something like this would allow them to go back, repeat any intervals as they like, get those extra benefits, and have all that accounted for in TR!

So, thank you for the feedback!

I will be sure to pass your ideas along to the rest of the team. :smile: