Back to back days after tough session?

Did a sweet spot yesterday and I have another SP today. I usually have days off in between but because of my schedule I had to move things around this week. Anyway, sweet spot from yesterday really baked my cookies and my legs feel dead this morning. Would you recommend I skip todays workout and rest, power through it or scale back the intensity? I’m about 3 weeks back from a 1.5 year break from torn hamstring and I want to be smart but not over cautious.

if you miss today’s workout, does it mean you just miss one workout in the grand scheme? i don’t think it’s such a bad thing to be cautious, miss a workout for the sake of recovery and just pick back up with your training plan.


OP, if I am reading this correctly, you’ve been only riding 3 weeks since taking 1.5yr off due to serious injury? Rest! You shouldn’t be pushing anything


Let me rephrase, I’ve back on the bike about 2 months, doing light spins and slowly ramping intensity. I started more serious/structured work 3 weeks ago.

Coming back from injury, I’d be on a low volume plan. Shouldn’t require back to backs.

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You know your body/ injury history better than most folk on here, I hope. I’d scale it back myself just to fill a void in my evening but if its easier to skip it for you (other commitments) just do so. In the grand scheme of things I don’t think it’ll matter for a one off.

FWIW, My LV calendar is set up Mon (VO2 max), Tues (Threshold), Wed (Paceline, usually a Z3/ Tempo ride), Thu (SS), Fri rest day and usually Sat & Sunday Z2 rides but I’m starting to go into the office so may have to drop something and I’ve not got a past injury to consider :slight_smile:

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The best skill to have in using Trainerroad rather than having a coach is to be able to interpret the signals from your body and choose a course of action. If you had more experience with your current capabilities, you might know enough to know when you can push it. But given you are just getting started again, I’d play it safe.


Because you moved the workout up a day, creating back-to-back days, and are 3 weeks into establishing some consistency, I think the questions to ask yourself are:

  • will doing as planned likely impact my ability to do future workouts as planned?
  • am I too tired to complete the workout as planned?

It is possible you might answer yes to the first, depending on a lot of factors.

The second question often requires assessing on the bike, in my experience I often find going forward with the workout is easier after finishing a 20 minute warmup on the road. If I start doing the intervals and it is not happening, then I ‘call an audible’ and start doing an easy aerobic endurance ride. On the smart trainer with TR defaulting to Erg it seems harder to call an audible (end workout, find another), but TrainNow will quickly offer up an endurance alternative.

In your situation I’d probably play it safe and load up an endurance workout.


It sounds like you may need the rest, but back to back workouts is something to work towards. Ultimately being able to do back to back days is a great training stimulus and also a great way to further build resilience. However since you are only 3 weeks back from a 1.5 year break, I would 100% proceed slowly and cautiously.

One thing you might want to think about is a Z1 recovery ride. Sometimes a shorter, easier ride can really help your legs bounce back when they have the “dead” feeling after a hard day.

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Indeed :+1: thats one of the reasons I do my sessions in Resistance mode, you can lower the intensity factor of an ERG work out but its not the same, and ERG gradually wears you down sometimes dragging you towards ‘the spiral of death’ without you realising until its too late. Resistance mode is more flexible especially when your head says one thing but your legs say another :joy:

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Thanks everyone. I usually do 3 trainer rides during the week and 1 or 2 trail/MTB rides on the weekends. We are supposed to get a lot of rain, so the trails will be closed. I think I might just do a recover ride today and move my scheduled workouts up a day, doing one on Saturday instead of the outdoor rides. That keeps me at my every other day schedule.

I use a single speed on my trainer so I have to use ERG. I started to despise taking my MTB on and off the trainer all the time so i mounted up my only other bike, the single speed.

It sounds like you need the rest, and I would listen to my body and take it, if needed.

But, at the same time, I’m questioning your RPE. I do back to back workouts all the time, and that doesn’t sound like Sweet Spot. That sounds awfully high.

It can take time to work up to doing back to back ‘hard’ workouts. Really depends on the individual.

you could be right. However, there are some decent new SS workouts that are popping up on my calendar like Truchas + 1 and +2 (2x23@94%) and Venado (3x16@94%) that are decently long with only 1-3 minutes between intervals. They aren’t “hard”, but not all sweet spot is “easy!” It’s the accumulation of fatigue and impact of back to back workouts that one has to manage.

I didn’t mean to say they were “easy.”

What I’m questioning is the RPE of a Tuesday workout (low volume) “baking your cookies” (e.g. he’s completely cooked and completely exhausted after) and “dead legs” still sounds awfully high. That, to me, sounds like a RPE of 8-9/10 effort. TR training plans, especially with AT, shouldn’t be giving you 2x23@94% unless you’re ready for it. Ex: Truchas +2 is “achievable” for me, and Venado is “productive.” So, I would (and should) get them.

From the arbitrary description of the “feeling,” it sounds more like a “breakthrough” workout. 3 weeks in, low volume plan, probably SSB 1, that would be Steamboat +2. After having done Geiger and Reinstein in week #2, Steamboat +2 should be RPE 4 at most, maybe RPE 5 if fatigued.

“dead legs” could be DOMS, but I’m not sure, with 2 months of increasing intensity + 3 weeks of TR.

I don’t know, it just sounds off to me, unless the weekend MTB rides are all out high effort and/or marathon rides, and OP had to really dig deep on Steamboat +2.

The amount of fatigue being described, just doesn’t sound right. I would be looking at the progression, and figure out where things went off. Maybe the MTB rides are 2x-3x the TSS of the week, and hours longer than it should be.

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Legs started feeling better later in the day so i decided to do a shorter SP, Ericsson - 4. Went well. Felt it but nothing like the day before. My legs were the appropriate amount of fatigued after. Thanks for all the input.

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Missing this one workout if you feel cooked is the smart move. Don’t take the entire day off though. Keep building the habit, go on a walk, stretch, do some prehab/rehab stuff, or maybe get on the bike and spin at 65% or lower just to keep engraining the workout schedule. But definitely don’t push the intensity.

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