Advice appreciated! Going Backward :(

Hi all,

First time posting but always on the forum and could use some advice. I’ve always followed a high volume plan however after the latest ssb1 I basically think I overreached pretty far. I took a recovery week but have been struggling getting it back. I went on to start high volume sspb and after a week feel like I can barley lift my heart rate. Eating hasn’t changed, I fuel and get good sleep. Sorry for the post, I know there are a couple of these around, hope this is ok but I just don’t know what to do and it’s getting to me!

I think I am probably working at too high an ftp if I’m honest, the ramp test definitely puts me too low however I’m having to turn any work not in sweet spot down to about 90%, I’m probably in the sweet spot is actually ftp group…

just wondering where you would go from here? My inclination is to take time off, do the longer ftp test, accept it will go down and go back to base, although not sure whether to give mid vol a go. I’ve got no events, not sure whether to take a bit of time off the bike, go back to base, lower my volume or lower my ftp? Maybe I should follow the Kolie Moore protocol or 20 min for an ftp test. Or all of the above! My ftp hasn’t seemed to have improved really for a long time, maybe it’s the lack of vo2 work.

Anyway, apologies and sorry for this, just a bit stuck and could really use some help, feeling a bit deflated about it all!

Sounds like you’re stagnating and need to switch it up. Without knowing your training history, I’d say give some higher intensity stuff a shot. It be useful to know what you were doing prior to the SSB1 you jsut finished. Also, how much did your FTP increase after that SSB1 block?

One of the new polarized plans or a build plan if you’ve managed them successfully in the past might be a good change up of activity and type. If it’s getting warmer where you are, maybe take a week or two to have fun and ride outside, do some long rides, get involved in some group rides, etc.

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Not being able to get your HR up is a sign of fatigue. I’d take some more time off, then ease back into it with a couple of easy rides to see how you feel.

If you suspect your ftp is set too high, drop it, or re-test with a longer test (after you’ve recovered).


Take 5 days off bike completely, just reset. Then couple gentle rides with few short efforts (ideally outside to refresh soul!)

Then try longer ftp test (yes kolie moore baseline test is v good - do not use ERG mode).

Then start training again (with low or mid volume)
That would be my advice anyway!

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Try Low Volume

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Thanks so much all for the advice and support! Super appreciate it. I’m going to take 5 days completely off the bike, ease in with the gentle rides and some short efforts and go for the longer baseline test.
After Thant I’ll give the lower volume. Again thanks so much for the replies