Rearranging Training plan after being off ill a few days

Hi, new to TrainerRoad and loving it soo far. First real attempt at structured training and its seems to be going well.

Apologies if this has been asked before. I am week 5 of my plan and i got a stomach bug on Sunday causing me to have 5 days off the bike. I am fit to ride again and looking to get back into my training. I would love to just move week 5 to next week and pick up from there and fill in the rest of this week with train now. Or am i just better to take the hit on the missed workouts or start a plan again.

Any help appreciated


With 5 days off I would just jump back iinto the plan again and let Adaptive Training do its magic - you may experience the first couple of sessions being (too?) hard but after the AI adjusts your trainings it should be good again.


Try some east rides first. Iā€™m also coming back from a stomach bug and losing your fluids (on either end) really depletes you. Both in terms of dehydration and glycogen stores. So drink a lot, eat some carbs and try some east rides. If those go well resume.

I tried a threshold ride too early after my illness and crashed and burned hard. So sticking with endurance until I feel good


Thank you so much, greatly appreciated. I am going to try and bump on this weeks workouts and just use the next few days to get back into things by using train now. Its tricky enough as you have to manually move each week (unless there is a better way to do it)