Coming back from Injury

Hey Guys,

Jumped back on to TR after a 3 year hiatus after being injured at Masters Track Nationals(42 now). Training was going great, losing weight was going great and then 10 weeks in I had to get an ankle scope from previous football/track injuries in the past. Its been only a week since surgery and Im walking pretty well with a boot and should be out of it in another week. Lets say Im back on the bike/trainer agter another week. Should I adjust FTP, redo a ramp test or take it easy and just jump back to the next workout that was next on the calendar. Any insight or advice would be awesome. Getting old sucks.


Coming off sugary a week ago and three years (minus the 10 months) off?

First thing to do… Ask your doctor if it is ok. Get into PT. Ask them. Then… Once you get cleared for activity take it real easy. Ride 5 min. See how it feels. Take the next day off. If in 2 days no pain or issues, ride 10 min. Take a day off. Keep doing PT. It is going to suck. It will hurt. It’s going to be frustrating but it is the right way to do it. Push too soon and you may never get back.

Good luck. Take it easy. Build slowly!

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Doesn’t have too, just have to adapt :grinning:

Given this is mid-season (if in the Northern Hemisphere), I would say take it easy, with a view to start ‘training’ in Autumn, building towards 2023.

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I’m two weeks from hip surgery following a cycling fall. Able to move around and moving around the house is getting easier.

Agree with PT. Been doing that religiously. Also working with a cycling coach to slowly get back on the Wahoo Bike. Did a very very light spin yesterday at 1/10 of my prior FTP (z1 I guess), mostly focused on moving the legs and aiding in blood circulation.

normally, I wouldn’t adjust anything for a week or two off. Assuming you are cleared to return then AT should actually tell you what to do. I wouldn’t change my FTP, but your PL should lower automatically. I’d attempt what AT suggests after 3 weeks or so of inactivity and if it feels good, keep going. If it doesn’t, then you might try either a Test or using FTP detection.

Thanks everyone. Lots of good info. Got my stiches out today 13 days afyer surgery…pretty sore ankle but was OK’ed to do some light Zone 1 stuff as soon as I feel comfortable. They suggested to hold of on anything to hard until next week.