Anyone using RGT Cycling, thoughts?

After seeing it advertised on GCN and with my Zwift membership about to renew, I though I’d save a bit and give RGT a go alongside my TR workout.

First impression were that I liked the UI, very clean and well presented. I tried the Formentor climb first off since I live 20mins from it and was impressed with the detail and graphics - not fully immersive but not as ‘gamish’ as Zwift.

However downside is I’ve been having plenty of tech issues, dropouts, freezing, routes not loading, workout not uploading. Considering little bugs was one of my main frustrations with Zwift, it’s annoying RGT seems to have plenty too. Why can’t everything work as smooth as TrainerRoad!? The upside of course is that for the moment it’s free.

Some of this may be related to wifi connection as my setup only has a weak wifi signal, so might try with 4G tomorrow.

What’s everyone elses thoughts?


I couldn’t get it to run at an acceptable framerate on my old macbook pro. I gave up.

Tried a couple of times to get it running on an iPad, but it crashed enough times to be completely unusable, I never got round to actually giving it a go

I have done all of one ride in it a few weeks ago. Runs well on a mid-high level gaming PC from about 1-2 years ago. There are some oddities to me in the setup, pairing and such, but the overall experience is OK. I like some of the UI and info options when compared to Zwift.

The currently small number of courses and number of users is a step back towards the old days of Zwift. It is largely empty. For free, it is fine. I don’t think I’d be willing to pay the price to jump to the premium version. I still prefer Zwift and TR combo at this time.

They are facing a big uphill battle with trying to pull users from Zwift. There are some nice options, but not sure they are enough to pull people out of Z and effectively restart in a new app with small communities.


@AdamJ @AndyGajda

Seems to be a trend!

Tbf every course I’ve riden has had around 80-100 people on it which isn’t bad for 8am central european time

Yeah I’m not particularly attached to Zwift since I only had it around 5or6 weeks, but can see this being a huge problem. Combined with the marketing and publicity of Zwift will likely be most people’s first place to try but maybe the markets big for people who want something else, or not happy with Zwift


Has anyone tried the Magic Roads? I figure it might help visualize race courses I cannot recce…

Same experience for me. I was excited to try the update, but it died twice on me. The power would be still registering but my avatar would stop pedaling, then RGT would tell me the screen app got disconnected. In the modern software era, I didn’t have patience for this nonsense.

Pretty sure they were bots !
If there is no flag with their name, I believe they’re bots !

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I was 19km up Mont Ventoux yesterday when all of a sudden I started flying up the hill at about 25mph (still only doing a steady 2.6w/kg) then just stopped still and wouldn’t start again.

This was my first ride. I figured I’d use TR in the week and use RGT for my longer rides if I can’t get out.
It didn’t stop me riding but did make me lose motivation a bit and was frustrating.

Hopefully better luck next time. I’m heading to Ventoux in August so want to get a lot of efforts up there done before we go.


I tried RGT when it was still free and on their old software platform. Actually found it really good, however, I’m not a virtual world person.

Then I tried it again with their new platform. For me a usability nightmare. Did not really work, was cumbersome to set up, I lost interest very quickly.

Only one ride on the new platform and it went perfectly but couldn’t get it running with TR on the second try. Was trying to reproduce same dual app setup as with Zwift. Might give it another try on Sunday. I like their older setup better and don’t like having to run my phone currently.


Really? In that case maybe I haven’t seen that many ‘people’

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Not yet but definitely curious. I think it’s a premium feature, so might wait until my recovery week and get a premium trial

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It is an interesting platform, free, but we feel alone in there since it is not popular. More people need to try it !
Braking in curves changes the dynamic compared to Zwift !

RGT is offering their full version with the Premium features, free to all in light of the current state. No clear statement on how long this will last, but it’s a nice offer and a way to try all the features they offer, at no cost.

To access RGT Cycling for free, download the app and register for the free subscription.
Users can access the Premium features by sending an empty email to from the same email account they used to register for RGT.

(Pulled from their FB post)

:warning: NEWS UPDATE :warning:

We have made the decision to make all features free for all cyclists for the foreseeable future.

  • The decision has been made in response to the developing situation with COVID-19.
  • This is a unique time in the history of our sport. We feel a moral obligation to uphold cycling values.
  • We truly hope that opening up the platform in this way will enable us all to keep riding and enjoying the benefits of cycling.

How to access RGT for free:

  1. Download the app and register for the free subscription
  2. Send an empty email to from the same email account you used to register for RGT
  3. We do the rest

Want to support the movement?

  • As a start-up business, we’re bearing all the costs of this initiative for the good of cyclists worldwide. You can choose to pledge your support by subscribing to the Premium features in the usual way.

Nice gesture.

[Trying not to be cynical and suggest that this is the only way they could break into Zwift’s dominance]

Do you still need 2 devices and 2 apps or can you install both apps on iPad?

2 apps / devices still needed.

Thinking about trying the Magic Road feature by uploading our Wed night worlds route and inviting our local group to give it a whirl.

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