Any CVR Racers Out There? (CVRCade)

Anyone race in last seasons CVR World Cup? Looks like they’re breaking away from Zwift and we’ll have another virtual cycling software solution, this one more focused on the e-sports end of things - - details are very sparse at the moment as to what it will entail though.

They’ve dubbed it “CVRcade” which IMO is a weak name when they should just be leveraging the CVR brand and call it that. Anyway, should be interesting to see what they come up with.


I enjoyed hopping into the occasional CVR race. Frankly I’m not surprised that they want to detatch themselves from Zwift given how the Zwift Power racing results were knocked offline for nearly two months due to Zwift’s massive failure to properly deal with GDPR concerns. It was an unnecessary self inflicted injury by Zwift to the small but passionate racing scene.

Looking forward to seeing what they come up with, although obviously they have a big task ahead of them. Multiplayer games are not easy by any stretch of the imagination.

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I would love a non Zwift alternative where I can just race and then spend the rest of my waking hours on TrainerRoad. I was only paying the Zwift dues for the racing so having another hopefully cheaper option would be ideal


Funny. I was using Zwift for the Z2 paced Group rides, but they always turned into races, so I left.

Not saying I want it or have even thought about but have TR folks ever thought of introducing the capacity to race online?

Honestly, I’d be against TR doing something like venturing into racing. It’s a can of dirty worms IMO that actually detracts from people getting faster (the primary object of TR and their focus that makes the great). At least the way Zwift did it, racing was dirty (lots of cheating and edoping) and did lose its glamor after a few weeks. It was great to get stimulation during a 60’ all out effort but that’s it.

I agree. TR is where I come to get indoor workouts over the winter to make me faster on the road in the summer. Workouts on TR are much better than those on Zwift. If I want to race I’ll go on Zwift. No races on TR pleass


Ditto, TR is for TRAINING, please x2. :smiley:

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Watching this one closely. I’m very interested in their visual representations of a ‘cyclist’. Having a rider on screen that looks like a cyclist is something only one platform I know of has managed to pull off. There’s platforms out there where you look like a drunken octopus on a bike. For something to work in this space it has to look good… and if they can pull that off… welcome to the technical nightmare jungle!

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I’m interested to see how fast they can go from zero to hero in terms of hosting their race series again since it was really popular during the winter months of the Northern Hemisphere, which they’re now going to be battling through beta software releases… I’m also a bit mad that I finally got my Tron bike and was looking forward to using it for this season’s racing and now that plan is all shot to hell :joy:.

To be coming out of nowhere and putting out those massive goals… I’m with @GPLama on this one… wait and see :slight_smile:

First images of the beta software were released today… oh dear… :thinking:


Indeed. Not impressive in any way. Comical really.

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Sounds like it could possibly be a joke/marketing ploy? Very strange stuff.

Anything is possible. But that would be strange to me.

Bait and switch is not something most people find endearing.
(Admittedly, the suggestion would be the inverse of B&S, but still odd IMHO.)

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.

Multiplayer games are not easy to make.

Was also thinking if it’s a PR stunt from zwift in disguise, where zwift would finally offer all those features the racers and race organizers had asked for so long… But CVR also said it’s free to play forever…so that doesn’t match to Zwift. Might try it with TR for some distraction. Graphics really look more alpha than beta to me but let’s see how far and quick they develop…at least they tackle the sport from another perspective and bring some fresh concepts.

I’ve signed up for the beta. If I get in and it looks like that I will play in only once. Looks utter pish.

I would probably avoid. It looks like a quick money grab using (What look like) premade game assets.

Their Twitter feed reads like it’s a mobile game with microtransactions aplenty

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When people are convincing themselves the official screenshots are some kind of PR joke… there’s a problem. A big problem. First impressions count. Even if this is a PR joke, it’s setting the tone all wrong.

I guess a cadence sensor isn’t necessary. They’re on frickin’ moto scooters!? Who was consulted here? Seriously.

I respect this is a very difficult task to take on. Resources would have been better spent with an already established platform to insert what was needed for CVR racing/leagues. There’s a few small players in the 3D training world that would have really benefited from this…

Anyhow… I’m still (only just) in the wait and see line.

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