app, another zwift competitor?

Anyone heard about this new indoor training app ? Seems interesting but also super early stage to say the least.

I know nothing about it, just saw it mentioned on Reddit

With the closing of RGT they’ve posted in various places, but as of yet it doesn’t really exist so not too much to talk about.

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Just signed up for the early access/public beta/etc. No indication of timing or anything, so we’ll see what happens.

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Yes - seems very early days. Interesting that it apparently is going for a more realistic visual look than Zwift (or RGT)

Interesting; thanks for sharing. The uncanny-valleyness of Zwift is a big turnoff for me, but this looks cool.

Some great visuals obviously, but 2 quick points….

  • visuals aren’t enough of a differentiator, IMO. You need to have a compelling reason to leave Zwift, which has ~10k users at any given time. Don’t really care how pretty the graphics are if I am just riding by myself.

  • I get that they are going for “realism”, but why are they wasting their time and graphic capacity putting potholes and cracks in the road? Just a waste of resources and distracting, based on the teaser video.

They appear to be using the Unreal engine, from a visual point of view is likely to be better than anything we have seen so far.

Unfortunately it’s going to take a monumental effort to gain significant subscribers to lure people away from Zwift (and all of he other apps out there)

I saw a video for ‘another’ new app the other day called indie velo, but they seem to focusing on the data with a view to becoming a ‘service’ that other platforms can use to validate performances etc.

Unlike Fondo, indieVelo actually exists and you can use it.