Anyone using RGT Cycling, thoughts?

Yup, I actually had 2 magic routes loaded months ago, and was waiting to find a time to hit their 14-day trial. I will be using those this weekend, with the new free option.

It’s a generic scene, but supposed to be the GPS converted, so curious to see how it works. :smiley:

This is a great gesture. I wonder how much it will cost them for the extra resource for the backend.

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Just sent the email and got the confirmation. Was going to try premium for the magic road option but just haven’t got around it. :wink:

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we’ve got a pancake flat course, but made more challenging by wicked headwinds and crosswinds. And the tailwind at speed in a group offers no relief - I’ve lived that and finally saw an interesting blog post “Cycling in the Wind” about that over at CTS. I’d like to know if RGT physics engine can recreate that, assuming you can provide wind as an input.

Good question. I don’t remember anything about wind in RGT, but it may well be in there. I have to look the next time I load it up.

Got my upgrade last night (although the email went in my spam so didn’t notice until after this mornings ride).

I’ve only used it a few times so no expert but I don’t think there is anything like this. There is drafting dynamics though so maybe it could get added in.

@mcneese.chad could this be an option for the Covid group ride from a different thread? Its free so everyone could use it rather than Zwift


It sure is an option now. We have to look at how best to use it. I don’t know if there is a “Keep Everyone Together” option like there is in Zwift. But we may be able to use particular routes and even the Magic Roads in group events.

I will fire it up this weekend and start playing with options. Anyone else can help with some testing and research too. Let’s pool some resources and see what we can do. :smiley:


Is there a way to get the RGT ride into TR? I am looking at maybe using it this weekend for a z2 ride, but want to make sure it gets into my TR calendar.

Looks like I need both phone and iPad running to get it to work…

Seems you need to manually download, and then upload to Strava. At that point, your TR to Strava sync should handle the pull into TR.

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Your second link suggests that it can automatically sync to Strava.

Edit: Yes. I haven’t tried it out, but you can set up the app to automatically sync your rides to Strava.

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I tried RGT for the first time yesterday while doing a TR workout. Thanks @mcneese.chad for their post above. I’ve quit FB so never would have seen that. Anyway, similar set up to Zwift:

Neo2 power/cadence and Tickr HRM both connected via Bluetooth to TR running on an iPad.
Cable ANT±to-BT converter converting Neo2/Tickr ANT+ signals to BT, BT to RGT iPhone app.
And then RGT was running on an Apple TV talking to the app.

Worked without drama. I did Pettit +1 on TR while riding laps of the Patterburg.

There were some oddities. Zwift sees the CABLE as a separate BT device for power, cadence and HRM. The RGT app would only see the CABLE for power. Although when I pedaled the RGT app displayed cadence, but it didn’t send the cadence to the Apple TV. That was a bit odd as my avatar didn’t pedal at the same cadence as me. I don’t care if RGT gets heart rate, but it’s annoying that it didn’t work.

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Cool, I just found the link and didn’t have time to read it yet. Good find.

Edit: I just hopped into the main app, accessed my Connected apps and linked Strava and Training Peaks. Easy setup really.

what cable ant+ to BT converter were you using?

I’m thinking of trying something similar this weekend and i think my ant+ converter is just a usbstick

It’s a little device called CABLE:

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I tried it today on our MacBook Air which has a tv as second display, couldn’t figure out how to make the app open on the tv so I gave up lol

@hubcyclist Do you mean to move it into the 2nd screen? I have it on Windows and I need to Alt+Return to take it off full screen, I can then drag into the 2nd screen. Should be something similar for Apple

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Yeah I was trying to move it to the 2nd screen, I used command control F on Mac and it’s not exiting full screen and there isn’t a toolbar to control window size.

I think when I tried it I used spaces to move it over to the other monitor. It was certainly doable, but wasn’t very hard. I am sure I did it that way

How does it work with two apps? If I run it on an iphone and a Macbook how do they talk to each and synchronize? Bluetooth? I have a Tacx trainer that does bluetooth and Ant+. What does the trainer connect to?