TrainerRoad on RGT Cycling

Is there a way to load TrainerRoad workouts into RGT so that I can get the best of both worlds.

I do it several ways depending what I’m feeling.

  1. I recreate the work out in Training Peaks which syncs to RGT
  2. I run TR on the tablet (a third device) controlling the resistance and RGT in parallel with it just reading power off my power meter.
  3. I run RGT controlling resistance and in parallel TR on the tablet just reading power.
  4. I do an outdoors version of a TR workout on a RGT course (RGT controlling resistance)
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Hmm gonna have play with it. Since RGT has a free version may be worth trying to make it work.

Have you seen our main RGT Cycling thread? It covers a lot of things, but ways to mix TR and RGTC are also part of that thread.

I will have to read through that more. I just found out today the kickr climb will work with TR. I am finishing up 6 week block on Zwift this weekend and I can honestly say it just doesn’t seem as effective as TR plans I have tried. This is however the first plan I have been able to not only complete but not miss a workout. So I am thinking the virtual part may help

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I have a Climb and will say I am not a fan of the implementation in TR. It’s not really their fault, but the “harder = steeper” is not as worthwhile in practice, IMO.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think, but I don’t see it as beneficial.

Will do just reactivated my account. I honestly think the reason the Zwift plan went so well was I actually have a dedicated training spot now where as I didn’t before. Super excited used plan builder to build up for TNGA this year. Chad I really hope the climb works good as it be a good help for 52k of climbing in the race.

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You may find that manually as ett8ng Climb angle is better. I did that for the intervals I wanted and liked it better than the auto option via TR.

Worth playing around to see what you like best.

Been using it on auto and it’s OK I don’t hate it. It could for sure be better but it’s not horrible. It makes me hammer some steady watts on climbs with group rides. So I end up having to back off at those time but it’s Ok. For sure just adds and extra element to training. I have given up on RGT as YouTube and podcast are way way more entertaining and distracting on those tough intervals.