Unstructured Rides?

Since I find myself with so much more time at home, I might want to do rides that aren’t so structured as the workouts in my calendar (in addition to, not as a swap). Are their any rides like that on TR, or do I need to use Zwift or something to mimic that? And , if I don’t really care about the social aspect of Zwift, am I better off just using the ol’ Wahoo app and spinning from there? Thanks, friends. Take care of yourselves.

There are some options

  1. Free Rides on TR - look them up under workouts
  2. You could try Zwift, maybe you’d like it - reacting to rolling terrain makes it worth it for me. Gives a better simulation of the real thing
  3. I assume since you mention the Wahoo App that you have a Kickr or Kickr Core. You can select a ride you did outside and have the trainer replicate the resistance and you can do the ride on the trainer. Similar to reacting to hills on Zwift but you dont have the graphics (or added cost)
  4. You can just set a resistance in the Wahoo App and just spin and record to your head unit as usual
  5. Just pick a TR workout that looks interesting and then zone out.

I’d recommend giving Zwift racing a try with your extra time. It’s what a lot of us do to supplement TR’s structure and it gives a good benchmark of your fitness. You can work on conserving energy in the pack or attacking off the front for a 5, 10, 20 minute effort and gives a fun social aspect too.


Awesome. Thanks a mil!

Ooh. Didn’t know there were “free rides!” I’ll give those a look. Once I am able to get back outside (I’m in Maine and not as hardy as some :smiley:) I’m definitely going to take advantage of the ride simulation.
Do you have any TR workouts that allow you to zone out that you’d recommend? I’m very new, and those I’ve done so far (I’m on a 70.3 plan) haven’t exactly been zone-out-able.

RGT Cycling is offering their Premium service for free in the current crisis:

If you are continuing with your plan and just looking to add some extra time on the bike then I would start by adding rides in the endurance zone or below. Rides like petite, baxter, taku, dans, etc are all good ones to just spin for an hour or so. If you have a smart trainer then you should be able to just pedal along and watch tv or something while you do it.
Just be paying attention to how you feel and that these bonus rides aren’t impacting your training. Just because you schedule allows for the extra rides doesn’t mean that your body will be able to accommodate the extra stress.

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Absolutely - if you’re on a smart trainer, I love Baxter. It’s endurance but the power changes are enough to keep it interesting.

Otherwise I just use the filter feature on the workout catalog and select endurance and then the duration I want to spend on the bike. If I’m just looking for time on the bike I’ll choose something with a very smooth workout profile - Pettit, Boarstone, Townsend, Big Mountain, etc.

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful replies. Super, super helpful! Hope you stay safe and well.

Very good reminder. :slight_smile: Just trying to do a little bit extra, low stress spinning because the pool is closed. Be well!