Needing more structure but I also like a few of the features of Zwift

I’m thinking to switch from Zwift to TR. A couple of teammates suggested I change over a few years ago but, I got lazy and figured Zwift was “as good as any.” Over the last few weeks I’m realizing that Zwift no longer meets my needs. However, I do like Zwift group rides but I need more structured workouts.
I’ve been off the bike for about a year. Prior to the break I’d been riding for 30+ years and had worked with coaches for time trialing along with road and gravel racing. My FTP last year was around 280…but…today…I’d be hard pressed to manage 220. I need the structure of training but I also enjoy the virtual group riding features of Zwift. However, I don’t want to maintain both programs.
Suggestions or insights into TR would be appreciated!

I will try to get some more info, but this is likely the most relevant thread to review, if you haven’t seen it already.

Why don’t you just join TR and cancel Zwift for a couple months and see if it meets your needs better? If you find you still miss group rides later, you can always rejoin Zwift. It’s not like you’re locked into your choice at all.

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Along those lines, if you have never had a TR account before, you can request and use a 30 day trial here:

Also, Zwift will give all riders (even those who are not actively paying) 25km of free use every month. It’s been mentioned in other threads. People use that to sneak in a single race or group event once a month.

Additionally, RGT Cycling offers a free level with some limited options, but not distance restriction.

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Thanks! From what I’ve read so far the RGT site seems to still be in the building phase. The site has some good info, and seems to target what I’m looking for. Overall though, it seems TR is still a better/more functional platform. Thanks!

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Hi Chad! I may have responded already, but if you can direct me as to how to get a promo code, or can send me one, my unregistered email address with TR is:

While I enjoy Zwift, I really have no need to maintain membership in two platforms. A growing trend I’ve experienced over the last 3 weeks is that ride leaders are tending to completely disregard the online “event description” and, once the ride starts, do whatever kind of ride they want to do.

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