Trainnow always endurance

I have not once had anything but endurance recommended by Trainnow. For example I did a high intensity workout on Tuesday and a endurance on Thursday. It’s now sat morning and train now recommends endurance. How does it work, how does it know goals, does it take account of training plan? I’d like to use the feature but it appears to not work for me. Advise appreciated

If you are following a plan and are hitting your intensity days then train now is going to recommend endurance to stop you from overdoing it.

Is TrainNow showing other workouts other than endurance at all? For myself it shows 3 different workouts and only has 1 that is recommended, which you can choose to ignore


Yes it does show others. I’m convinced I have never seen it recommend another type of session. I have a rest week next week so I’d expect if it doesn’t respect training plan then by the end of the week it should recommend something else. I’d like to understand what drives the recommendations, tss vs historic tss, goals, etc.

It was the same for me, always endurance.
Now it seems to suggest other stuff every once in a while but to be honest you’d be better off using your common sense.

I was actually just thinking about this, I was wondering if it now was plan aware as I’ve also not seen anything bar endurance for ages. This would make sense in relation to my plan and I have been completing both the higher intensity works so more endurance does make sense.

But, I’d think, maybe incorrectly, that on Sunday (4 days from last high intensity session) it might suggest something a bit more intense. Maybe TR knows most people avoid the useful yet boring/mentally hard z2 so suggest it more to try to get more done.

To be clear I’m not complaining as my goals are long days as opposed to short hard ones but just something I noticed.

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Always gives me 3 options one endurance, one SS and one VO2 ish. :thinking:

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I’m on vacation and haven’t ridden for a few days. It’s recommending Threshold. Makes sense.


Support doc is worth a read.

Pretty sure it is only looking at recent history, never the future plan.