Trainnow observation

I think trainnow is a great feature, I definitely take advantage of it to help find workouts to do on a particular day based on length. I’ve got my own ‘plan’ going on so I don’t really follow the trainnow recommendations but I do like to look at it. Anyhow, one thing I’ve noticed this week: I did a race on Saturday and was off Sunday and Monday.

I checked on Tuesday and it recommended ‘climbing.’ My plan was to do a sweet spot workout that day so that was nice to see. Life got in the way and didn’t ride, and got a climbing recommendation for Wed. I had more time on my hands and I did 3hrs z2, which for me isn’t really a big thing as my workout weeks have ranged from 12-14hrs generally and up to 15.

On Thurs, I checked trainnow and it recommended endurance. So I guess it’s responding to the time/tss/whatever associated with a longer endurance ride. I ended up doing sweet spot like I had planned and of course today (Friday) it’s recommending endurance.

Anyhow, thought it was interesting, I don’t necessarily agree with the logic in this particular case, as I know the type of volume I can handle, but I guess it’s a lesson for folks to trust your own experience