Anyone here really need TrainNow?

Anyone here think they can’t pick out an endurance, threshold/SS or VO2max workout of appropriate intensity on their own, based on experience and familiarity with your body and how it reacts to training?

Probably beginners to structured training… plus in the time it takes to go find that “ideal” workout I can just pick a duration and go with TN


The point of a good product is not always doing something for you that you can’t on your own. It solves the problem where somebody don’t want to browse for 5-10 minutes to pick out a workout. it just gives you options quickly.

I can get up and change the channels on an old tv but I’m sure glad the remote control was invented.


So it’s convenience and time saving? I find myself clicking that little refresh arrow over and over and over until I’m sure I’ve seen all of the “suggestions”, so TN is saving me a little less time than it’s saving others I guess.

I thought there was more to it though, what with that machine learning and all.

You don’t really give your use case for using TN so it’s hard to really give any feedback beyond what TN is

There’s convenience and time-saving, but it’s also ensuring under the covers that the selections it gives you are either achievable or productive based on your underlying progression levels. It won’t throw you something it doesn’t think you’re ready for. (This of course comes with the current limitation that your progression levels are only being updated from certain workout scenarios, but that will be developed further with time.)

That’s also probably only a big benefit for newer users, because I already know if a workout is a step too far for me, and most experienced users would. But it’s still pretty nifty. I’m almost always on a plan so I haven’t been using it much, but I could see myself doing it for awhile if I wasn’t on a plan.

Just to add, I also think that TR confirmed in a previous thread that Train Now does take your recent training history into account when making its recommendations. I’m on a plan and only ever see lighter endurance recommendations, which makes sense because it knows about the other training I’ve been doing. And I thought they also confirmed that this part of the algorithm DOES see unstructured outdoor rides, etc - but I’m not going back to find the thread on it :slight_smile:

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Alternatively: I domt want to search the workout database against 4-5 variables. I would rather have the system offer reasonable workouts based on my history and ability levels so I can lower my cognitive load and get to riding.

I like train now and glad to have the feature present.


I think TrainNow can be quite useful for experienced users. For example, I sometimes like to tag on a Z2 workout after a hard workout. And TrainNow is a convenient way to do this without repeating the same workouts over and over again.


I’ve been using TR on and off for a few years, but consistently for the past year. Not sure where that puts me in the experience spectrum.

I love Train Now. Introduces me to new workouts, makes it much quicker to select a ride according to the time I’ve got available, gives me a sensible suggestion rather than me having to think about IF and other things, and I like the recommended workout feature.

Do I ’ really need’ it? Probably not, I could do it all manually I suppose, but I could also program my training using a paper based system and a stopwatch. For me, the reason I pay TR is to make it easy for me, and that what this does, so it’s a thumbs up from me👍


Obviously N=1 but we’ve just had our 2nd child and I’m absolutely loving TrainNow. If I have a chance I’ll get on the bike and can just look at the 3 options and decide how I feel. If its been a good night/day I’ll go with whatever it recommends but I can also just select the endurance if I feel the need to ride but don’t want to have a go at hard intervals. I’d be much less likely to ride if I had to go through a ton of workouts and select one.


I don’t want to think about it. That’s kind of the point.




Train Now is the best and only way for me to use TR as a mountain biker who does not race and uses a trainer as a volume supplement when weather or life do not allow me to make it out to the trails. It has added a lot of value to my TR subscription.


The only way? You couldn’t use TR as a training tool until TrainNow?

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I mean… Is not rocket science. But is more than just pick random wo that you can complete. You want to build something, not just ride… If you just want to ride for the sake of riding… Go ahead… But that not what make tr a great tool

No I couldn’t, I cancelled my subscription before, but I’m back. It wasn’t user friendly for my use case, but now it is.


No doubt there is more to it, maybe just not today.

Machine learning takes time. It’s an inevitability that it will eventually become quite accurate in aligning the workouts it suggests with the workouts that you want to do.

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It’s a pretty handy tool for adding volume to a midweek LV plan. TN seems to be a pretty good fit in that use case so far.

Combine TN with the new Alternates option and you’ve got plenty of simple options for modifying a plan as life throws obstacles your way.


Need is maybe a little strong, but I like it. I’m off-plan as work and travel is being hectic. I’m finding the PL-scores to be a great way to pick workouts in a solid progression. There’s a lot of new workouts in there, and TN is a great way to get some exposure to them. Refresh button is your friend. That said, I don’t pay a lot of attention to the “recommended” classifier… I’ll decide if I need an endurance ride today, or if it’s an intensity day.