After Crash Training advice needed

Hi there,

I am getting ready for Stelvio GF this June. I have completed SSB1+SSB2 and SPB(Sustain Power Build) Mid Volume first half.

At the same time, I attend 100+K rides and races locally just to push my fitness level a little bit higher. No intention to win or race hard. Target is just to keep fitness at some level and also try to be outside.

In two weeks time, we are going for family trip for a week and I have zero chance to train. My plan was to start first two weeks of SPB and complete the second half when I am back and continue with Century Plan.

But unfortunately, I had a nasty crash during last week’s 137km race. I have completed the race but I hit my knees on the ground and have some pain. I have decided to take this week off and going to see my doctor this Wednesday.

Here is my question.

How should I continue my plan (After having green from my doctor)? Should I

a- Continue the plan from where you left - Then I can not complete whole plan by 1st June. Then, I have to skip last 3 weeks of Century Plan.

b- Get FTP test and skip the weeks that you are missing and continue - Then I will miss this week, continue next week, miss the following week and continue again.

c- Get FTP Test, continue SPB from next week and go to your trip. Once you are back, drop SPB plan and dive into Century plan.

Thanks for all the advises.

Once you get tha ok from the doc and it doesn’t hurt to train, you may need a few easy workouts to get back into it and see how you feel. When you feel you’re ready to train full intensity, I’d start with the second half of SPB. Base and Build is where you’ll see the most gains, and Specialty is really just fine tuning and an included taper into your A event.

So after SPB, see how much time you have remaining and just cut the Century plan short, but leave in place week 8 (Taper). Adjust the weeks so you have a recovery week midway through.


Thank you

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