How to go on with my training plans

Hey there,
i have a tranig related question. I did SweetSpot Base I and started with SweetSport Base II. In the 5 th week of SSB II sadly I crashed during a training ride outside and got a lot of bruises especially on my rips on the right side so breathing is very hard.

Now I had a 10 Day break from training, now my idea is to finish SSB II with the recovery week (week 6) to figure out how my bruises are healing up and my breathing is feeling. Then if everything works out fine, I would like to continue with General Build mid. Volume.
Of course I will do the ramp test.

So what do you suggest, going with this idea or going back to SSB II? :thinking:


If I don’t feel good, I always do Taku. I would definitely just ride recovery rides until you know you feel good enough to do something harder. You lose very little fitness if you take less than 2 weeks off, just don’t expect to do that repeatedly and maintain fitness. You may discover that your injuries don’t hurt you on the bike as much as you thought.

Hey guys thanks,
I think the best way is to start with recovery riding and then look how I feel and if I can perform a ramp test. Then I will decide which way I should follow.