Ability to add Z2 Post Indoor Ride

Like many features and suggestions, if TR makes a change to allow merging, they still need to support separate ones too. If they swapped entirely to merge, there would be complaints.

As ever from what I have seen, new features need to consider the prior process and habits that people assume. Some will want the change while others want the status quo. Covering both options is best unless there is a strong reason to make a full scale swap to the new/different solution.

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Absolutely! TR should cater to every single whim of its usership and RIGHT NOW DAMMIT :sweat_smile:

It would be cool though right? :wink:

“Would you like to merge these two workouts?”

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I am not sure which way I would prefer at the moment. In a way, I like separate so quick review of a “hard” effort with things like TSS, IF and such are restrained to that effort vs blended with a following effort.

If I aim to compare efforts between same or similar workouts down the line, having one separate for just the hard work might be my preference. But looking at the whole work of a given timeframe together also makes sense.

It’s likely conditional for me where the “ideal” would be the option to toggle between grouped/separated anytime I want, back and forth. Easy… right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Standard mode may only be available if you have a Kickr, and dependent on ANT+ vs BT and/or Kickr firmware version. That said, I was setting my Kickr to standard mode in TR and level = 2 or 3 (don’t recall) on a 250W FTP.

And with only 3 gear shifts I could do any workout, and also hit sprints at the same wattage as outside, for example:

Using TR in standard mode with my Kickr was awesome, basically just like outside on a flat road. I’m a big fan of standard mode and sim mode. Outside I like to add in some short/hard sprints at the end of a workout, and inside its easy to do the same in standard mode.


I tried at the start of my ride this morning and you’re right it worked nicely. Unfortunately by the end of the ride it lagged so much I wasn’t surprised I was unaware of the feature. It was only marginally faster than rapid firing the + button.

I still think a +10% button would solve most issues. Seems like- operative word “seems” it would be an easy update.

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I usually know beforehand that after this very workout I’d prolly could do a 15 or 30 min easy spin. That way I could add to a calendar like Scotty and grab it after I did a Lamarck for example.

But how the AI can handle if we add abstractive non trained elements (non formal workouts), does it wreck the PL calculation of an athlete then?

In Golden Cheetah there is combine tool where you can put individual wo files together, even when they contain geospatial data as long as you don’t travel too much between start/endpoints of each elements or it may look rather busy…

This kind of combine tool for TR indoor wo’s? No gps data so less hassle for a code? Some sort of indexing for workouts from where sw can recognize this element for PL level calculation and this plus this for overall load calculation?

Workout Levels V2 is designed to account for this seamlessly. Added duration (or intensity) beyond what is assigned in an original workout will be accounted for in Progression Level changes. This applies to unstructured rides as well.

As far as ‘wrecking’ the PL calculation, can you clarify your concern? Let me know so I can try to address it!


I tried to describe randomly added free ride by user type of extra, without any pause, to original TR wo. Now workout file from this is kinda non formal compared to like some original TR platform wo. Is it a problem to AI? Aren’t they typically trained with a dataset like ‘here you have original Truuli’ and then sw tries to see if some user made file looks like that aso…

There’s a long-standing bug regarding this lag that occurs (for some mobile users) when pressing the +/- buttons later into workouts. See:
Continuous Press, Quick Intensity Adjustment [Feature Request] - #67 by SarahLaverty
…and some of the preceding posts on that thread going to Nov '21.

The lag renders that +/- feature (which would be great otherwise) largely unusable for me once I’m >60 mins into a workout. I end up with intensity rising to eg 200% after (a long pressing + and then down to eg 10% after long-pressing -. It’s either 1% up/down per quick press or enormous percentage swings up/down if attempting a longer press; nothing in-between. Hence largely unusable. :frowning_face:

I’m unsure why it’s not been fixed yet, but assume it’s because it only affects a subset of ‘unlucky’ TR users… :man_shrugging:

The solution to me seems quite obvious: offer a virtual wheel like for e. g. timers and calendars. You can use inertial spinning for larger changes.

It’s not a problem at all! Right now, all your riding is considered for AI FTP Detection, but again, Workout Levels V2 will consider added duration (or intensity) beyond what is assigned in an original workout.

That feature is on the way as our highest priority, where all that extra riding will be accounted for both in your Progression Level changes, and for potential adaptations of future workouts.


And this is why, @IvyAudrain I think a +10w button would be helpful. :slight_smile:

Or like the “extend cool down” options, we could have +/- 5, 10, 20w as options.

That is great to hear. Just to double-check: say, I tack on 30-minutes of Z2 three times a week, will that impact my endurance PL v2.0? Or are PLs still more for workout selection rather than a performance metric?

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Thanks, just my amateurish observation (I’m not a software or AI professional) :+1:

I would absolutely love this :point_up_2:


My experience is no in the current iteration of AT. PL progression is limited to the PL levels hard coded in each workout. Add 3hrs of endurance after a VO2 max work, your endurance PL will remain unchanged.

This will change when AT V2 is released, but to my knowledge, there are no announced dates on when to expect it.

The Saddle company?

Hard to tell if you were being ironic … :thinking::grinning:
I assume ISM here is Inigo San Millan

Is he published?

  • It is still around, but likely not the best foundation for your suggestion.

To a degree, the “stacked” workout Feature Request may be more similar to your suggestion, but that does aim toward joining complete workouts vs more individual segments/efforts.

TR still has a desire to redo the workout creator entirely, and as a potentially web based option from what I remember.

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