Feature request for adding Zone 2 time to workout

I love TR and the workouts created by Coach Chad and the TR team. The podcasts are wonderful and have added so much to my cycling and training knowledge base. The foursome of Amber, Jonathan, Nate and Chad make a great team. I’m so glad to have discovered TR.
I’ve been using the TR program since Jan and there are a couple of features I’d love to see added to the workouts:

  1. A button to add Zone 2 time at the end of the workout. Currently, the buttons allow us to add time to the cooldown but the watts are way lower than Z2 watts and usually are ramping downward. During a recent podcast Coach Chad mentioned that adding 10-15 minutes of Z2 work at the end of each ride was a great way to increase TSS during the week. I would love to have an easy way to do this.
  2. A button to extend any interval. It would be nice to be able to extend any interval during the ride, working or recovery, by a minute.
    I’ve got more but these would be great to see.

+1. I find that “extend cooldown” isn’t the magic button it’s made out to be. You have to hit the up arrow about 60 times sometimes to get to where you want to be.


Yep or add it to the intensity setting. Something better than tapping the up button 50 times lol

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When I extend for the purposes of adding Z2 time, I usually just switch to Resistance mode at the same time. TR seems to remember your resistance setting, even between app restarts, so it’s just one shortcut key for me and then I can cruise at whatever I feel like. I think this is better really, since Z2 is a fairly wide zone, even if “extend cool down” automatically set the target to somewhere in the 55-75% range you’d likely want to move it up or down anyway based on how hard your main interval set was.

+1 here. I normally add zone 2 at the end of the workout but find that having to increase the intensity to +180% in order to hit the target power. Could TR make it an option to increase the intensity to a % of FTP? would allow us to add additional intervals/extra zone 2

Given the number of times the podcast has advocated adding Z2 time at the end of workouts, this seems like a great (and simple) idea.


Existing request that is related.