Ability to add Z2 Post Indoor Ride


You’re saying that a request to increase intensity by +10 watts at a time would not address that need?

More importantly: I do not recommend increasing rest intervals mid-workout by any degree of intensity.

That rest plays such a key role in the success of the real, meaningful work that holds so much importance in building your fitness.
Increasing intensity AFTER your work is done to ride at Endurance pace; great idea!
I must adamantly suggest sticking to the structure of those rest intervals, though. :wink:


If I want to extend the time (post prescribed workout) I simply change from ERG to “Resistance” and move the slider accordingly…

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I’m saying it would address the issue. :slight_smile: Finishing the workout and starting another workout wouldn’t.


She specifically noted a request to increase wattage by 10w at a time……FYI, you quoted it.

On the Mac app you can just type in the % increase you would like.

I quoted;

“ adding Volunteer as a new workout after completing your scheduled workout”.


you quoted Ivy noting the request to increase intensity 10w at a time and responded “yes please”

Why are you here derailing the thread? I’m responding to two different quotes as pointed out below. If there was a misunderstanding it was clarified.

Sounds very good. I wanted a feature like that for years.

Or Scotty (15 minutes endurance). I don’t know when Scotty was added to the workout library, but it is much appreciated.


It would be awesome if TR could then merge/attach the two afterwards as if it was one workout… :smiley:


So I double-checked the percentage increase button today (using an iPad)…if you hold the + button, it is indeed a 5w increase, but moves very quickly. Took me me about 2” to go from 100% to 150%.

Very easy and fast….

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It’s a bit nerdy, but my workaround to this was to use autohotkey and a simple macro that presses the “Up” key 10 times to simulate a 10% increase. I have both a 10% increase and decrease and a reset back to 100%. It works well. I still have to press it a few times, but it’s definitely not the journey I was going on before. I have a secondary key pad that executes the macros, but you could just map to a key on your keyboard that you don’t use.

At least while you wait for the feature to be added.

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Not disagreeing with doing it that way at all, but I always end up doing the bumping of the warm up of volunteer then! As in, I’m able for more than the standalone warm up %.

I did that in my OCD days when I wanted to get to the meat of the workout faster. But I just roll with it and use the “easy” button (aka just ride). Both ways work and it’s just a question of priorities and willingness to faff about :stuck_out_tongue:


That “extend cool down” and the warmup buttons are mainstays in my TR workouts…so key


I just move the cursor past the warmup and right into the meat of the workout…again, not perfect but pretty easy and quick to execute.


I hadn’t thought of that! Although on the phone never work well scrubbing time…

Can you change from erg to standard mode and find a gear that allows you to hit the watts you want?

Definitely - these features, plus the intensity adjustment of more than 10% (for cool down) were things I missed more than I thought I would when I tried some Z workouts.

Yeah, never tried it on a phone…always used an iPad. But it doesn’t have to be very precise…you just need to get you there or thereabouts. It is all bonus time so a minute or two either direction won’t matter.