Ability to add Z2 Post Indoor Ride

Can it handle two workouts done in a row? Say two very fake scenarios:

  1. in one activity: Do 100% of FTP for 10 mins followed by 2 min rest followed by 100% of FTP for 10 mins
  2. in the first activity: Do 100% of FTP for 10 mins followed by 1 min rest. Followed imediatly by a second activity of 1min rest followed by 100% of FTP for 10 mins.
    1 and 2 are the same effort for the person so should look the same.

I hope its intelligent enough to understand how what was done before impacts the interpretation of what is being done. As in if you see people like Inigo San Millan and others who say to do Zone 2 work before higher zone work as doing it afterwards can limit the adaptations you’ll get from zone 2 hopefully PL 2 will show that in how it interprets what you do. (So doing zone 2 before some other workout will impact your Endurance PL more than doing the workouts in the reverse order

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I think, if understand correctly, this is contrary to the original motivation. The intension was to easily be able to add time to a workout. Hence if you feel good or decide you have more time (post intervals) you could tack on 5, 10 or more minutes. Perhaps incrementally as you decide you may want more. For example, someone may tack on 5 or 45 min of Z2 but they may do it in 5 min increments, initially not knowing exactly how much longer they want to ride. Feel good? Great I’ll do a little more. :slight_smile:

I think there is a misunderstanding, and perhaps this is due to the brevity of my post.

  • I was only talking about AT v2.
  • Essentially I was asking whether PLs will remain a workout selection tool or will morph into a fitness metric. I’m capped out at PL6 because I’d have to do endurance rides > 3 hours or very hard 3-hour workouts that incur more fatigue. I could ride longer, but don’t have the time to. So that caps my endurance PL to around 6.
  • Adding shorter endurance workouts after workouts increases my fitness, but that isn’t reflected in my PL as those short endurance rides top out at PL 2.x.
  • This is also relevant when you e. g. have to cut an endurance workout short for time reasons. AT v1 reacts as if this was a failed workout and adapt my PLs for future endurance rides downwards, often without decreasing the time. That happens even if the PL has of the failed workout is much lower than my endurance PL.

An option to combine any two or more workouts seems like a good and flexible option here.

I thought that possibly having the interval extended at the current wattage. As an example the workout Mono ends with zone 2 and then slopes down to cool down. I would like to extend that interval so that the ramp down is retained. If you wanted a lower power you could either extend it and drop intensity or wait to extend until the ramp down hits the desired power. After extended portion is done you could finish the remaining ramp down.

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Not really, quick hack that is better than thinking they are not influencing each other, sure, but not a good solution. How many sessions (remember this is workouts and every other recorded activity) start right after the previous one ends? Most will have a break of some size.

The better option is for the recordings to be mapped to a timeline (UTC of course to avoid time zone issues if you travel) and then processed based on that. All efforts are the correct time offset from each other so can be cleanly analyzed. This does require TR to stop the way it doesn’t record any time paused so all the efforts in a recording can be mapped to the timeline.

This also allows for longer-term impacts to be shown. Did a hard effort yesterday morning? That might influence you today but less than a hard effort yesterday evening

I don’t get what you are proposing exactly.

All recorded efforts are on a timeline. Analyze that.

What power you put out at time x will be the correct time lag away from other efforts

As far as I can tell this has nothing to do with the proposal that is being discussed. We’d like to combine hard workouts with endurance workouts. Right now you have to manually pick one after you have finished the other.

One proposal is to add an option to tack on x minutes before or after, but not at warm-up/cool-down power but in Z2. You could add just x minutes and use resistance mode, but people would like to use erg mode.

Another proposal is to add a e. g. 15- or 30-minute endurance workout like Scotty, and you could do that by e. g. adding workouts to a queue.

What you are talking about seems to have to do with the post-workout analysis. What relation do you see between the two?

Look at what I was replying to from Ivy. How the workouts are accounted for with Workout Levels V2.

The relationship is that the way you extend a workout shouldn’t cause issues with how it is interpreted. Having breaks that aren’t being accounted for and having workouts that are close enough together they influence each other but are processed as if they are independent is not a good solution.

I used workout creator to create a z2 workout for 3 hours, then I just ride as much of that as I choose after finishing my main TR workout.
The other benefit of this is that the main TR workout remains unmodified, and therefore it’s more easy to compare the workout totals (avg hr, avg power etc) with previous attempts of that same workout.