Ability to add Z2 Post Indoor Ride

Occasionally I like to add extra Z2 at the end of a workout. The only current work around is to extend the warm down and increase intensity. In this case I had to press the “+” button 152 times to get to ~180w.

It would be incredibly helpful to either be able to nominate the power when extending warm down or add a +10w button to the intensity. It’s also frustrating when you have to battle the power ramp down as you’re trying to increase power.


This is closely related to an existing FR from last year.

I will leave it to @IvyAudrain to review and consider if a merge is beneficial here.


Would be enough if they just add another button under “Extend Cool-down” that says “Extend with endurance” and then have it be IF0.6 automatically :slight_smile:

Maybe even be a drop-down with 15,30,45,60min


I have no issues pressing “extend cool down” 3 times. It’s pressing “+ 1%” 152 times that grinds my gears. Especially if you have any lag on your device.

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Sure, I am not speaking the nitty gritty specifics. But your goal is essentially identical to that of the prior topic I shared. TR commonly groups those into a single topic was my main point here and wanted Ivy to review since she has direct access to the internal TR feature request info that I don’t have.

  • Have you tried the “continuous press” option that is referenced in the other topic? Feedback specifically on that may be helpful to Ivy so she can add that info to whatever request she uses for this or a combined topic.

I wasn’t aware of that feature? I did try holding down on the first attempt and nothing seemed to happen. I will try again on the next work out. It also can get buggy when you hit the button too quickly. I’ve had a workout crash doing this.

After clicking on the link you posted I went down a rabbit hole of feature requests from combining two workouts to increasing blocks of time or intensity from several other users. Seems like these are all related issues that multiple people have brought up over time but as of yet there doesn’t seem to be an adequate solution.

  • Like so many Feature Requests, most have been mentioned once or more times in similar to identical forms. That’s why I search, share links and sometimes merge… to keep various ideas together for easier group discussion of the ways we might suggest TR address our wishes and needs.

Sharing existing solutions, updated/new ones from TR along with any hacks are the benefits of searching and grouping too. As mentioned, I will leave this one to Ivy for the final call.


If I am planning on any significant extension to my workout, I just have a second endurance workout scheduled for the day and quickly close out the first workout, load the second one and just keep riding.


Yup, I will only bump out the cool down for extensions less than 15 mins.

Otherwise, I just preload another workout on the calendar and jump in it after exiting the initial one. Volunteer is on ready repeat for me since that is the “easy” way to do it with the tools we have at the moment.


Yup…Volunteer is usually my “go-to” for exactly that.

I would like to see the ability to string workouts together kinda like a playlist, but it is really not a big deal to just close out the completed one and launch the new one.


Just a point that might not suit you, but ISM recommends the Z2 work is done before the hard stuff… something to do with hormones created by the hard stuff can be detrimental to the Z2 benefits.


Adding before or after should be considered, since that has been mentioned in various threads on this topic over the years.

But let’s leave the pro’s/con’s and any other Z2 training related stuff in the Training category. This is the TrainerRoad Software one and doesn’t need to head down that rabbit hole that already exists elsewhere.

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On the road this is my go-to. Add a few hours Z2 pre-ride. But when I’m doing intervals on the trainer I’m not sure how I’m going to feel.

This is fine if you’re committed to doing a certain length workout but if you’re not sure and want to take it 5 or 10 min at a time it’s not really useful. Also sometimes I want to bump up long recovery stretches between intervals. Eg, if there’s 8 min @ 134w I may want to bump that up 20% before returning back down for the interval.


Why? Just quit the 2nd workout whenever you want…do 10, 15 or however many minutes you want and then just stop the workout.

I do that regularly on recovery intervals…I just hold the + button and it goes up in 10w chunks.

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My second workaround was doing TR workouts in standard/slope mode on a Kickr. Surprisingly ended up preferring that over Erg.


One person said 5w, now you’re saying 10w on the hold down. Nothing happened when I tried holding down the button but could have been user error. I’ll try again on the next ride.

+1. @IvyAudrain I know there is workaround but clearly your data of all TR workouts with a cooldown added >= 15min will show that most of the time

  • the ERG watt target has been raised or
  • resistance mode was active

in order to do additional endurance instead of cooling down < 50% FTP for a long time. So a one click solution for the +10/15min cooldown could really benefit most use cases.


Thanks, gang.

I feel like there are two feature requests I’m picking up on here:

  1. A request to increase intensity by +10 watts at a time, and
  2. a request to extend a workout at Endurance (55%-75% FTP) instead of just extending a cooldown that often falls below Endurance pace.

Am I correct on both accounts? Let me know and feel free to add any other notes you’d like me to submit to the team for feature requests.

Side note: I really like @mcneese.chad and @Power13 's solutions of just adding Volunteer as a new workout after completing your scheduled workout. I know its an additional step, but this is a great strategy!


Yes please.

Hey Ivy,

This wouldn’t address increasing/decreasing intensity between intervals. If you look at the example below. By the time I got the intensity at the desired level between intervals I had to start backing down again.

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Why not just turn on “pedal to extend workout” and go into resistance mode?