Adding some endurance time after a completed planned workout

i want do know what is the “right” way do simply add some endurance time after a completed planned workout, so that i get the right TSS and complete activitytime in my calender (workout + endurance).

I go with trainerroad + zwift on a PC and would be able to just ride another 30min in zwift (without trainerroad), but then in my trainerroad calender only my planned workout appears, or am i wrong?

Do i have to start a secound workout for the additional endurance (for exampel a 30minute workout) or is there another possibility? Sometimes you just don’t know exactly how long your endurance ride is.


I always use the extend cooldown feature. At the bottom right of the TR window (on pc) some red buttons pop up at the end of the workout to add time to the workout. You can only add set amounts of time but you can just keep pressing the buttons if you find you want to keep going.

Great! That’s what i try… thank you :slight_smile:

Find this feature also very useful when you feel the need of a longer warm up!

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Is there a “wrong” way? :man_shrugging: