Extending workout feature

It is possible to extend most workouts by using the “Extend Cooldown” feature. By combining this feature with adjusting the intensity percentage you can easily add some endurance work at the end of a hard workout without starting a new workout (which will normally also start with a warmup).

However, this feature is only available if the workout ends with a cooldown interval, some workouts like Rice Ridge ends with some endurance work and it is not possible to extend the workout.

Is it possible to make the “Extend Cooldown” feature available for all workouts? You could just continue with the same target power as the last power in the workout or default to a reasonable “cooldown” power.

I see this was mentioned in this post as well:

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IIRC last interval must be <= 50% FTP to be recognized as cooldown and therefore give the extend cooldown option. Not sure if that’s also the case for the „keep pedaling to extend workout“ option (only on mobile apps I think).
Not sure if TR will rework their logic as it’s an edge case and much higher priority features on the list.

Thanks. I understand it is not the most important, but it should not take so much time to change.

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Hey there! Sorry for the trouble on this one; we’ll get it edited so there can be an option to extend the cooldown.