Feature Request: more intensity controls

A feature that would be really useful, for me at least, would be more controls over the in-workout intensity setting. I’m thinking increase and decrease buttons in greater increments, maybe 10%. Also a button to return the percentage back to zero instantly.

Here’s the use case for me;
I sometimes want to increase the intensity of the rest intervals to Z2, especially when those intervals are longer than 5 minutes. I also like to add time to the cooldown at the end of the workout to get some extra Z2 without having to start a new workout. I will usually have to increase the intensity quite a bit to get to Z2. Since the intensity controls only increase by 1% at a time, I end up having to hit that increase button quite a lot, like 30-100 times. This is tedious. Would be great to be able to increase in 10% increments as well. And when I am done with the Z2 and want to actually come back down to rest intensity, a button to do that instantly would be great.


A recent update made it so you can press and hold and after a beat, the intensity goes up in 5% increments.

More info in this thread (linked to the middle of it where Ivy let us all know it’s live).


That above, but I will probably merge this new idea with the old one that already exists.


Is this only for IOS? I’m on Android and I think i have the latest update. My app does not behave this way

Good question. I run my workouts on iOS, so I can’t speak from experience. But later in that thread it talks about the feature being live for all platforms.

I missed this! Nice update. Thanks for sharing.