"A" race with 3 same day races

Hi all

New to this forum, so if there is another topic answering my question, feel free to link to it, as I couldn’t find anything.

I have 2 “A” race days this year. The first one contains 3 races (Crits) during one day (30-40 minutes) and the other is a 12 hour relay MTB race where we do a 30 minute lap, then 1,5 hours rest, and another lap and so on.

Do I enter both as 30 minutes races as my main race or 335 (ish) = 1:45 hours for the crits and 630 minutes = 3 hours for the MTB race?

As I see it, I should look at them as 30 minutes sprints, with time in between to rest a bit and not as longer 1.5/3 hours races.

Did you reach a conclusion on this? I have a similar issue. We will be doing a 7 hour MTB relay race as a team of 3.
When I run Plan Builder is that “Cross Country Olympic” or “Cross Country Marathon” ?

Hi Gary

No didn’t really come to a conclusion.

My first “A” race was the Offical Danish National Championship in e-cycling held last Saturday and for that I chose to use the single race as the length and not the 3 race total, as I did get a chance to recover in between.

For the upcoming relay race, I’m still looking for the best answer. Again, so far going with “Cross Country Olympic” style race with 30 minutes sprints.

Maybe do it as a “stage” race with all the stages on the same day?