Another "help me plan my plans" thread

Sorry to do another one of these threads. You’d think with all of the prior threads I’ve seen and having listened to nearly ALL of the TR podcasts (I’m about 3-4 behind) I’d know the answer to my own question but alas, it hurts my brain.

A race is an MTB enduro race on August 1st 2020. Approx 6 hours in total, only 7 stages downhill are timed. The rest is untimed hilly transition sections.

I ride MTB most Sundays which consists of singletrack, enduro style stuff. I do 30 mins each way commutes on a Brompton twice a week too. Overall goal is to be generally faster in my day-day riding and as fit as poss for the A race.

So currently I’ve racked the train plans up thus:

General Build LV
Short Power Build LV
Gravity Specialty LV

Starting in a week or two, this fills up all the time up until the race. Is doing 2 build phases back to back a bad idea? How could I structure it differently?

Thanks in advance.

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Doubling up build is the second recommendation there. They note that it’s hard. People seem to usually recommend against it.

The first recommendation is to add extra Base instead.