C Race question

So I am on the full distance triathlon plan. (Plan Builder) My A race is not until November, Ironman Arizona.
I have a Sprint Tri this Sunday that I labeled as a C race on Plan Builder. On Saturday, the day before the race, it has me doing a 4 hour endurance ride. I know it’s a C race, but nonetheless it is a race. Would you go ahead and do the ride? or would you ease off on Saturday to be a bit more fresh for the race? Just not sure how fatigued my legs will be on Sunday. Maybe it should have been a B race since I am asking this question.

C races you truly train through. I guess if you’re training for Ironman, a 4 hour bike ride shouldn’t shell you either. If it does, you’re going too hard. Why not do the 4hr ride at like .5-.55IF?

I opened my calendar this morning and had some adaptions. Changed it from a 4 hour ride to a 2.5 hour ride. IF is a bit higher but still makes sense. All good!!

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