Racing within build plan?

Has anyone built races into their build plan??
If so how did it go??
My main TT isnt until June but Im wanting to fit some races in before then. Im currently on SSBVII.

I do it all of the time. Most of the races that fall within that time frame are “B” or “C” races. If it’s a “C” race I do all of my prescribed workouts for the week and maybe do the -1 version of the workout the day before the race. The race is just treated like another day of intensity rather than an endurance day. I normally just use the race as a “feeler” to see if there are any things I need to brush up on (MTB).
For a “B” race I may do a rest day two days before the race and do an opener workout the day before. For me “B” races are those that are at least similar to my “A” race. This year I don’t really have any “B” races because my two “A” races are 100m MTB and 50m MTB races. I plan to do 90% of my prescribed workouts and treat our local XC race series as fun rides or VO2 sessions.


This is a great response! You shouldn’t need to taper much if your races are low priority, but otherwise you can build in a small recovery period before your race by taking a few more days off or modifying prescribed workouts.

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Thanks all for the good advice.
I just had it in my head that i would need to finish the Speciality phase before racing.