Plan Builder & “A” Event Intensity Level?

Hey all! I created a custom plan based off of the three main races I plan on doing this year. My question pertains to the setup of the events themselves. My “A” race is September of '22 and is a 100+ mile, single-track MTB race with a 24hr cutoff. I would like to finish in 12hrs or less (most likely not going to happen but…) so I set the duration of the event to my target time with an intensity of 10 (All Out); I used a similar approach to the other two events albeit not as hard of an effort. Is this the correct way to setup my plan with the end goal of completing my main event in said time? I imagine so but want to make sure I’m not off my rocker.

It doesn’t matter too much regarding the intensity for events AFAIK. I believe this is just a TSS estimation and doesn’t affect the training plan per se. However, your intensity surely won’t be “All Out” for 12+ hours. Your effort/fatigue will be “All Out” but the intensity will be endurance (z2), so rate the event at a 3 “Smooth” or 4 “moderate”. All Out or Race is meant for races such as Short Track, XCO, Crits, etc.


Thanks for the reply. Looking back at my ride file from this past year, I was in Z1 & Z2 for the vast majority of the race. Admittedly I was only trying to get a finish and not a certain time but from the data I have, I can’t imagine a mostly Z2 effort gets me a finish in 12hrs or less but I could be wrong.
By your profile picture/name I presume you know about Marji which is what I’m referring to. I’m new to the ultra endurance thing so pardon the ignorance. I realize how big of an undertaking/challenge a 12hr finish is but I guess without goals nobody would be here, lol.

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I finished MG :100: in 2019 when there was a 34% completion. It started hot and humid and ended in 2 hours of thunderstorms and unridable mud. 12 hours is not a realistic goal unless you’re an elite athlete and it goes as planned without issues. I’d set a more reasonable 16 hours goal with a finish at all costs mentality.

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Congratulations! I attempted (and finished) Marji 100 for the first time this year. I also “Triple Crowned” this year (Polar Roll, CrusherEX 225, and Marji 100) so while I wouldn’t consider myself “Elite” I don’t think I’m a slouch either. I ride with a few guys that have more experience racing than I do but similar fitness and they were able to finish around the 12hr mark ( two buckled and the others finished in under 13hrs). With all that being said, you’re probably right, but if I set out for 12 and finish in 15 I’ll still be happy. Congratulations again on the finish in ‘19, I’ve heard the horror stories and that’s quite the accomplishment!:grin:

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