A-Race moved up a month, three weeks into RR Specialty. Best plan switch to focus on crits afterwards?

So when I was planning my season, I had counted on my A-Race (a rolling road race). being in July not June. Not a huge deal, as I do feel very ready. I have moved the RR Specialty taper forward to the week of the event.

After this, there is not many similar road races I could attend, but there are quite a bit of crits in my area. I will be doing midweek crits and am setting a high priority on two races 3 and 4 weeks after the rolling road race taper. That will be the end of my training period, and I will take some of the bike time to do some climbing and hiking.

So far my plans have been SSB1&2 HV -> GB HV -> RR HV.

Should I stick with the RR plan, begin a SPB, or start a Crit Specialty?