"General" Specialty plan....?

I have a local weekly TT that has been the only competing I’ve been comfortable doing lately. Since I’ve completed SSB 2x and am finishing a build phase next week, I figured I’d move into the 40kTT specialty plan which conveniently ends on the last TT of the series.

But, it sounds like there is a local crit that as of now is on for that same weekend. Because I’m more akin to crit racing, I’d prefer to do the crit specialty plan and target that race. There is a high likelihood that race will be cancelled, or I will not be comfortable participating.

So, my question: is there a specialty plan (I’m thinking climbing road race) that would benefit a crit, but also tune up for a TT effort should the crit be cancelled? I know the point of a specialty plan is to specialize or “sharpen” a certain type of fitness, but just curious given the abnormal circumstances.

I should say I’m not overly concerned with performance, because none of these races are all that meaningful, which is why I’m willing to try something like this out.

I also consider the best “general” speciality plan for road. I have done now SSB1&2MV and GBMV. I was thinking to go with climbing road race. My targets for next summer is just rising my general cycling fitness. Maybe some short TT´s , fast group rides, gran fondo and even some road race if there is some at next summer.

Any thoughts?