Plan help for A race

I just finished a full set of work plans SSB, SPB, and Crit all mid volume. I have my A race coming up in 14 weeks, which is a crit. Do I schedule Crit to end on the A race and do SSB 1 or 2 in front of it? Do the first or last six weeks of SPB? Or should I do something different altogether? In the last set I only missed part of one workout due to nerve pain. In the next few months I will have to skip at least two Saturday workouts for B races and then eight Tuesday nights for crit practice sessions. Also when I was in build I rested the two free days but did not during base or specialty. When I started TR in September of last year I was coming off of riding daily.

How long have you been training? Question - when you completed the three phases - do you feel like you hit a peak at the culmination of the training plan? I ask because I think your experience in how your body reacts to training is your gauge for planning your season. From what I’ve learned, I would count backwards from the A race and insert the training blocks from there. I would take the training races into consideration and truly use those as training sessions working on whatever energy system you need to prepare you for your A race. Does that make sense?

Thanks for your response.

I started TR in September of last year. I rode daily before that but I’m not sure I would have called it training. I’m not sure if I feel strongest now or when I finished SPB. I had to get going last night so I scheduled ssb1 then Crit again as I have 14 weeks total until my A race. Still not sure that was the best move.