SSB2 into final 2 weeks of Specialty plan!?

A local race popped up on the racing calendar which I think I’ll be suited to. The only problem is, it’s next month and I’m still in week 5 of SSBMV2.

I also have a cycling holiday planned following on from my recovery week where, weather permitting, I’ll get 6 days of riding 3+ hours.

When I return from my trip I’ll have two weeks until the race. My plan is to take 3 days off and then complete the final 2 weeks of the rolling road race specialty plan. Does this sound like a good idea?

Also, with regards to my trip. Do you think I should keep to zone 2 or pepper the week with some intensity? Perhaps 90/10?

Cheers guys!

Hey there @lebowskii98!

I would recommend against going straight to the last two weeks of the rolling road race specialty and simply continue on with your build that you had planned. What you can do is maybe use the final week of the specialty plan if you do want to taper for this race. That said, if you aren’t prioritizing this race, I would just recommend training through it. Give yourself a couple days of easy riding before and just do the race for fun!

As for your trip riding plans. Have fun with it, do what you want each day whether that be some intervals or a long easy day. You can also check out this podcast below where we talk about how to incorporate a camp/riding vacation into your training:


Thanks @Ian ! I’d like to do well in the race if I can so perhaps I’ll do what you suggest and just use the final week as a taper.

For anyone else interested in cycling camps/trips they start discussing from about 1:28 in the podcast Ian linked.

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