Question about training plan choice

So crits are becoming official in the midwest and am planning on racing them in the next couple of months. My “A” race is the Belgian Waffle Ride (July 18th). The TOAD crit series (June 16-27th) was just announced and will be planning on racing 5/10 events that as well as a couple crits (July 10-11) and the Intelligentsia Cup (July 16-25).
I plan on racing one race before the BWR, and as many as I can after it as well.

With that being said, how do I go about reconstructing my training plan. Should I start doing the specialty phase for these crits in June/July? Or continue with the build phase? Or try something completely different.

I’m racing weekly crits during Base and into Build. I have most set up as C races, so plan builder just builds around them. I get solid SS base on Tuesday, endurance on Wednesday, and my Thursday race is good intensity. It feels like a good combination each week. My plan is leading to a Fall event, so I have more road than you.

If your A race is definitely BWR, I would keep going with the plan that leads you there. Then just add you crits as C or B races.