My A Race Occurs The Final Week of Planned Crit Specialty -- What to do?

I just read the e-mail from TOAD containing the race dates! Yeah, let us hope it goes down this year!

I’ve designated TOAD as my A race (in particular the Maritime Bay Classic).

I started off with traditional base mid-volume back in September and finished it nearly 100% compliant and then I started Sweet Spot Base Low Volume (so far 100+%) which is scheduled to end the first week of March. I then have low volume editions of short power build and criterium specialist plans. The last week of the criterium specialist plan is concurrent with the Maritime Bay Classic.

So, now that there are definite race dates in the works I am now considering the following options:
A) Finish SSB and then utilize plan builder to take me to TOAD.
B) OR SSB and Short Power Build and then utilize plan builder to take me to TOAD.
C) Carry on as planned with the exception of the week or two prior TOAD during which I taper into it.

What would do you suggest? A, B, C or something else?

Thank You!

Option C, in my opinion.

Good luck🤘


The last two weeks of speciality are taper weeks built in so C is exactly how its meant to work with zero changes to your plan, unless the race is a day other than the Sunday.

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